Visor: Where Photography Belongs to the Fine Arts

What is a Visor (viewfinder)? It is a prism or optical system that some handheld cameras carry and serves to focus quickly. For the Galería de […]

Teaching Photography as a Lifestyle with Ramón Méndez

To talk about photography in Barquisimeto, would be to describe infinite artistic experiments, main characters, trends, styles, and ways of communicating. It would be going back […]

Participate in the conference “Saboteadores… ¿Míos, tuyos o de otros?” in Chilangas

he Venezuelan group Katharsis, led by the psychologists Andrea Gil (@psiqueta) and Misvely Pereira (@tu_psicologia), will give its lecture “Saboteadores… ¿Míos, tuyos o de otros?” (Saboteurs… Mine, […]

Sign Up for the Aerial Silks Workshop at the Juares Theatre

The practice of acrobatic on fabrics, also known as aerial dance or aerial ballet, is an activity that consists of performing choreographed movements suspended on fabrics. […]