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Racalu: Entrepreneurship Abroad

Goodbyes have become part of our days; we always hear of a friend, or the friend of a friend leaving the country. It’s painful for us, […]

YoAmoBqto Route: The Taste of Our Own

Once you listen to the exquisite flavors of Barquisimeto on YAB Talk, we know that you’ll be wondering where to start enjoying our spectacular food. No […]
Entrepreneur Barquisimeto

Barquisimeto: a City of Entrepreneurs

This past week has been filled with more joy and talent than usual, and therefore we couldn’t leave Barquisimeto’s anniversary week without remembering the stories and […]
Gastronomy Barquisimeto

Food Truck Fever with La Burguesa Gourmet

The beautiful part of the gastronomic movement in our city is that you can find restaurants that aren’t the typical “I come in – I eat […]