Learn about FUNDAPARKINSON, an Initiative for Parkinson’s Patients

It is no secret to anyone that Venezuela has particular needs that affect its population. Part of these needs are medical, relate to diseases that affect […]

Let’s Help! Eco Rally/Walk in Favor of Peludos al Rescate Foundation

As in all Venezuelan cities, hundreds of four-legged angels wander around the streets of our Barquisimeto, where they must survive a harsh reality. Faced with this, […]

Peludos al Rescate Foundation: A Vocation as Difficult as Satisfying

Patricia Kahale and Marlyn Cuello, members of Peludos al Rescate (Furries to the Rescue), accumulate several stories related to their vocation as rescuers. Their stories range […]

Video Editing Workshop For Children with Fundaintegrarte

In a world so avant-garde as this, our children are very eager to consume technology; but not only that, they also want to create their own […]