Drosera Capensis Barquisimeto

The Sounds of Barquisimeto: Drosera Capensis and its Psychedelic Music

Growing up in the Musical City is quite a magical experience, thus whether if it’s through singing, dancing, playing or just loving music in general, as […]
Festival Nuevas Bandas

Circuito Nuevas Bandas: What Rock has Joined Together

As the Musical City, we are proud to have amazing talents in all music genres; we are not just cuatro y maracas. As Guaros, we naturally […]
Circuito Nuevas Bandas

Yo Amo Barquisimeto Goes to Festival Nuevas Bandas

The Musical City welcomes one more time the sounds of rock from all over the country. The Festival Nuevas Bandas is the oldest event of its […]