Let’s talk about “Amarena: Cuando amar es urgente” by Jesús Pernalete Túa

Colors communicate and connect feelings, and this is part of what the painter Jesús Pernalete Túa wants to show in his new series “Amarena: Cuando amar […]

Prima Volta 2018: Supporting “Amigos del Niño Especial” and “Cuento Contigo”

Nowadays, solidarity is one of the characteristics of all guaros that use their ventures to generate social changes for the benefit of people in need. An […]

Marifer de Almeida tells you: You are the inspiration!

Someone once said “nobody learns from other people’s mistakes”, but the truth is that some people’s most inspiring stories can encourage an idea, an action, or […]

Attend the Academic Music Concert at the Vicente Emilio Sojo Conservatory

Spending a different afternoon in the city is possible, walking through the city is one of the most relaxing ways to do catharsis. With that in […]