162nd Visit of the Divina Pastora: Bridge between Culture and Faith

Thousands of Venezuelans flooded the Santa Rosa village on Sunday, January 14th, in the early morning hours. The joy was felt among the devotees in an […]

Party Cards: Creativity Between Piñatas And Faith

Currently, Barquisimeto could be characterized by its originality, that quality of being different and doing something nobody else does. You may be asking yourself: How is […]

Visit the Churches of Barquisimeto

  Barquisimeto is a city full of talent and unique communion of people’s beliefs. With a strong religious history and a tightly knit community of believers, […]

“Nuestra Señora de Altagracia” Church

The State of Lara is filled with temples of Catholic devotion. This is a city that’s been characterized by having a strong cultural background, but more […]