Lara’s Concert Band Received the Divina Pastora with Serenades

The afternoon was filled with songs and serenades during the visit of the Excellent Patroness, Divina Pastora (Divine Shepherdess), to the Lara’s Territorial Polytechnic University Andrés […]

162nd Visit of the Divina Pastora: Bridge between Culture and Faith

Thousands of Venezuelans flooded the Santa Rosa village on Sunday, January 14th, in the early morning hours. The joy was felt among the devotees in an […]
Oranges distribution at the Divina Pastora procession in Barquisimeto

The Tradition of the Oranges for the Divina Pastora’s Devotees

It’s amazing, isn’t it? How a single event can change an entire perspective on a very specific tradition. That is exactly what happened with José Hernández […]
Human chain at the Divina Pastora in Barquisimeto

The Human Chain Around the Divina Pastora in Barquisimeto

As people say, faith can move mountains. It’s a force that encourages wills and actions to achieve goals. All this is represented every year in each […]
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