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Let’s talk about “Amarena: Cuando amar es urgente” by Jesús Pernalete Túa

Colors communicate and connect feelings, and this is part of what the painter Jesús Pernalete Túa wants to show in his new series “Amarena: Cuando amar […]

Marifer de Almeida tells you: You are the inspiration!

Someone once said “nobody learns from other people’s mistakes”, but the truth is that some people’s most inspiring stories can encourage an idea, an action, or […]

Willy McKey Teaches You “How To Tell a Story (Correctly)”, at Barquisimeto

Storytelling has always been part of Venezuelan culture since it allows us to leave a written historical record of the people’s memory. However, there is a […]

Youngsters Learned How to “Invent Future” with Esteban Reyes

On February 22th, the second session of the UNIVERSITAS INNOVATION WEEK was held. The event was organized by @universitasf in collaboration with @startcoachingla and @startupvenezuela. In […]