The Christmas Spirit is a Venezuelan Christmas tradition

Christmas Tradition: Christmas Spirit on Winter Solstice

trChristmas arrives and with it comes different events, family reunions, celebrations, and traditions. In addition to putting the tree, setting up the Nativity scene, making Hallacas, […]
The Christmas tree is also part of the Venezuelan tradition

Christmas Traditions: Venezuelan Customs

What is Christmas? For Venezuelans, it’s a time full of joy, family reunions, Christmas traditions, and food. Although it’s a religious celebration that glorifies the birth […]

The Professional Theatre of Lara Brings Us “Cuaimas” this Christmas

“Cuaimas” returns to the Guaro stages on December 16, at 7 pm, in the headquarters of the Professional Theatre of Lara. The play, written by Nelson […]
The hallaca, one of the Venezuelan Christmas dishes

Christmas Dishes: The Guaro Hallaca and Other Varieties

The most beautiful month of the year came for all Venezuelans. December is the month of Christmas, a time that represents gathering with the family for […]