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If there’s a word to describe Gabo Sellanes childhood, it’s art. Gabo has always been around artists and their works of art. While his mother and aunts taught him how to paint, his grandmother recited him poems and his uncles wrote stories; he was enchanted by storytellers and sewing doll dresses with his grandma. Creativity ran in the veins of the family and, of course, Gabo was no exception. 

While growing up, Illustration won part of his heart. Little did he know that music was also coming to stay. At 10 years old he received a gift that would change everything: the Spice Girls album. That’s all he needed to fall in love with music.

He soon became a worthy son of pop culture; on the soundtrack of his life you could find songs from Jessica Simpson’s top hits to the classics of David Bowie; from Prince to Fito Páez; from his grandmother’s favorite boleros to even a few songs from Kiara. 

Gabo always wanted to be a pop star and, although his family lived for the arts, he became the rebel sheep. After all, even though they drew and wrote, Gabo was the first to go for the music. 

During his college days he had his first encounter: he was part of a punk-rock band with his friends; that’s when he got to know the bass and gave his voice a chance. The project didn’t last long, but in Gabo’s plans wasn’t giving up soon, so he began his solo project. He said hello to new sounds and discovered Maria Daniela and her Lasser sound, the biggest reference he had to create his first 4-songs EP: Resaca Pop.

The New Gabo: Chicos Modernos

Chicos Modernos was born little by little in Venezuela. The buildings of Caracas, the warm waves from the beach and the Twilight City were the stages that became witnesses of the writing of Chicos Modernos, Sticky Dreams and No Eres Invitado. However, the album ended up with incredible references from all over Latin America: the sounds of Caramelos de Cianuro and Yolanda Cazalis; María Daniela from Mexico, Alex Andwanter from Chile, Dani Umpi from Uruguay and Miranda! and Emmanuel Horvilleur with the argentinian touch.


Moving to Uruguay meant to give his music a pause, but Gabo ended up winning more than losing. Uruguay led him to meet incredible people, such as his producer Gustavo Rollano. Gabo also had the chance to rewrite and write more songs, to experiment with sounds and all sorts of things that helped him begin to create his new album.

Every song from Chicos Modernos is a hymn to being who you are; to have fun and embrace the sexy diva in you; to enjoy freedom; to the love and the lack of love; to the magic that self-love brings, all this in the best way Gabo could do it: with his own touch of brightness.


From Te Prometí, that turned the mourning of relationship into art; then reborn part of you with Latin rhythms in Fuego featuring Valenart; Soy Una Perra and its satire to the inner diva -which was a gift from his friend Yolanda Cazalis- and, of course, Margaritas, that came from a dream to end up being a song to his grandmother.


For Gabo, it’s impossible to live without illustrating, nor can he live without music; both are part of his soul and heart. He is now the pop star he always dreamed of, but he still holds a part of tenderness and rebelliousness from the old him; after all, that’s how everything started. 


You can listen to Chicos Modernos by Gabo Sellanes on Spotify.


Gabo Sellanes and his ode to freedom, love & self expression

If there’s a word to describe Gabo Sellanes childhood, it’s art. Gabo has always been around artists and their works of art. While his mother and […]