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In order to make something better, you first need to stop and check the damage: you take a look at what you should let go, then you take the things that can be fixed and finally, what needs to be changed completely. Once you do that, you simply go for it. This formula also applies when trying to make our city a better place.


At some point, we have all imagined a better Barquisimeto, but there is a group that decided to stop imagining it and try to make it real. They are the working ants behind the plan to recover the extraordinary cultural heritage of our city: the Barquisimeto Consultative Council. 


Behind the Project

83 people were sworn in at Plaza Lara in 2016 to dream and make a new Barquisimeto. 

You’ll find all different kinds of people, but they all are full of conviction: engineers, doctors, historians, lawyers, sociologists, visual artists, urban planners, journalists and many others. Where someone sees a problem, they see something that can be solved, and each member sees it with a different perspective to approach.


It may seem crazy to have so many different people united in the same group, but there they are: together, almost as urban heroes, to rescue Barquisimeto; unpaid, unobligated. It’s their own roots that make them meet and work towards the same goal. 


A glimpse into the past, to go towards the future


Once you ask them what city they want to build, they don’t settle for a single idea. For them, Barquisimeto must be composed of a hundred cities, because nothing is foreign to it.


They want to honor the city that 70 years ago became the one that had the most movie theaters in the whole country. They want to strengthen university institutions and support those who continue trying to build a city from the classroom. They want others to appreciate the goodness of Lara’s land. They want us to fall in love with the simplicity of having the beach on a two-hour trip, and green, cold mountains 45 minutes away. 


Barquisimeto is not a city of passage, because there is a perfect mixture of cultures: food production, art, education, and so much more in a small city of Venezuela. You end up caught up almost in Barquisimeto almost as a love spell.

Building the city we dream of: Barquisimeto 2052


In order to continue building a whole new Barquisimeto, the Consultative Council gathers all its masterminds in an annual conference where they deal with topics of relevance around the city: innovation, enhancement of peace, and citizen affirmation. In addition, they are constantly organizing activities and projects to move forward and build citizen participation. 


That is how the Barquisimeto 2052 project was born: the city we hope to have, 500 years after its foundation. The Consultative Council has begun with its planning, leaving the first grain of sand to stop imagining and begin to achieve the desired society and city we want.


The next goal: Cromoestructura Radial


The first stop on recover Barquisimeto’s cultural heritage is the work of Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz-Diez in Barquisimeto: Cromoestructura Radial. 


It may seem as just another roundabout, but the Consultative Council know the value of such piece of art, and they will be the ones to give it the attention and cares it deserves.  It is not an easy task, but after two visits with the mass media, plastic artists, engineers and specialized architects, they are on the right path.


Besides dreamers, Barquisimeto needs doers: people capable of achieving what they put their mind on. If you also want to join this group of great planners or learn more about the council’s works, projects and events, you can follow them at: @consejoconsultivobarquisimeto on Instagram.



Barquisimeto’s Consultative Council: A step into the city’s future

In order to make something better, you first need to stop and check the damage: you take a look at what you should let go, then […]