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Guarapo Simple Art

Guaro of the Week: Guarapo Simple

The life of David González can be described with color palettes. The warm tones of his childhood, with the most vibrant and brilliant of his youth, […]
Barquisimeto Museum

Museo de Barquisimeto: Get Lost Between the Arts

What comes to your mind when you think about your happy place? Perhaps you travel back to the time you were floating in the sea, or […]
Villalón Barquisimeto

Discover with YAB: the People Who Add Color to Barquisimeto

With Barquisimeto’s 466th anniversary so close, Yo Amo Barquisimeto seeks to celebrate not only our city itself but also all the Guaros and their talent; starting […]

Let’s talk about “Amarena: Cuando amar es urgente” by Jesús Pernalete Túa

Colors communicate and connect feelings, and this is part of what the painter Jesús Pernalete Túa wants to show in his new series “Amarena: Cuando amar […]