Tropico Lab

Exploring Through Architecture with Tropico.lab

The art and science of designing buildings is something we often take for granted; the appreciation for the beautiful creations of architects is not very present […]
Venezuelan finalists of the BID Urban Lab Guaymallén 2017

Guaros of the Week: the BID UrbanLab 2017 Finalists

The talent of the Guaros is demonstrated every day in the achievements that the citizens of the City of Twilights have accomplished. In this context, YoAmoBQTO […]

OctoPlan: Raising Awareness on Social Entrepreneurship

Venezuela hides among its spaces great visionary people, who love their country and want to generate change from their possibilities. That’s how we want to tell […]

Happy Birthday, Barquisimeto! Explore the City in Two Periods. Part II

Barquisimeto in modern times To contrast with the bucolic spark of Carlos Guerra, we spoke with Evelyn Rodríguez, a young graduate of Arts who is deeply […]
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