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Sucumbás: The Charm of Venezuela’s Plates

Sucumbás restaurant

Cozy like home! The simplicity of traditionalism makes Sucumbás stand out.

My story with Sucumbás started a while ago when my father discovered the Venezuelan-food restaurant and fell completely in love with it. He took my sisters and me on a Saturday afternoon; I remember the sky was as blue and pretty as Sucumbás’ iconic facade, which was the first thing l noticed of this beautiful restaurant. It’s never been easy for me to make decisions, even if they are supposed to be easy ones, like choosing what food plate I’m going to eat. That day wasn’t an exception; still, I remember I chose the Solomo Guayanés, and to this day I have no words to describe how delicious it was. But I’ll just say, I think it has been one of the best decisions of my whole life.

That wasn’t my only time there, I fell in love with the restaurant, just like my father did, and we didn’t hesitate to visit the place a few more times. When I remember Sucumbás, the first thing that comes to my mind is my family, the ones I’ve shared with at this exquisite restaurant. And that’s what Sucumbás is all about: family. Josefina Rosari and her husband, Juan Carlos, opened the restaurant on November 15th, 1996. They saw their two little kids grow into young adults with the restaurant as a witness, and more than 20 years later, it has remained as a family business, with the same excellent plates and homely service for which they are recognized.

As Warm as Home

The name “Sucumbás” comes from the hope that succumbs to the deliciousness of the food, to be delighted by the different flavors of the plates. On the other hand, in the region of Los Andes lives a little animal called possum, also known as a “sucumbás;” that’s why on the restaurant sign you can see a possum dressed as a chef and grabbing a chicken, their typical nourishment.

The restaurant was built in an old house, and its decorations are based in the colonial times, with a mixture of Los Andes and the Lara State, just like Josefina, who is from Boconó, and Juan that is from Carora. I felt so cozy as if I was in my grandmother’s house on a sunny evening; the little fountain and the plants give the place a fresh vibe, and the right kind of music is always playing in the background.

Juan Carlos is the head chef of the restaurant, and Josefina is right by his side; Juan hasn’t stopped cooking for over 30 years, his passion began with El Potrero, his first restaurant. And when it was time to move on, Josefina and he created the little blue restaurant that is located in the heart of Barquisimeto. Through the years, the restaurant has maintained its gastronomy, they’re not looking to change the menu but to get better with what they have. They are glad people has known how to value Sucumbás and its essence, some of his clients have been for over 30 years, supporting them since the time of El Potrero.

Barquisimeto restaurant

Sucumbás Venezuelan food makes you fall in love all over again with our gastronomy.

The Art of The Cuisine

Sucumbás cuisine is based on the typical Venezuelan flavors, with a few international plates that have the Venezuelan touch that the owners give it, which is the case of the onion soup and the tenderloin with mushrooms, both originally from the French cuisine. Every option on the menu is exquisite, from the arepas as an appetizer, to the Tostada Caroreña, the favorite plate of many customers, and its out of this world aguapanela.  

Josefina defines cuisine as art. She says it’s a laboratory where you discover new flavors and plates every day, a trial and error kind of thing. Time has proven them that good work brings good things since their public keeps coming back for more every time they have a chance. They have succeeded to be the place to go for many people when they are craving good typical Venezuelan food in Barquisimeto, like a Mondongo, Pabellón, or others like the Mojito Carupanero and Sucumbás’ Criollito.

P.S: In case you don’t know, rumor has it that Sucumbás makes the best caraotas in the world, and we simply must say it’s entirely correct. We suggest you make plans right away to try them when you finish reading.

This lovely Barquisimeto restaurant leaves a mark in every person that comes in it because it’s not just about having nice food, but the excellent service and warm embrace you feel as you walk in it make Sucumbás an outstanding restaurant. Barquisimeto is a national reference when it comes to gastronomy; the city is filled with good food products, talented chefs, great restaurants, and also infinite new savors to discover.

If you’re already craving lunch at Sucumbás, and you’re wondering how to get to this heavenly place. Then take note: one block before getting to the Barquisimeto Metropolitan Cathedral, on the Venezuelan avenue and 28th street, there’s a blue house with a sign next to the door that reads “Sucumbás,” you will not miss it! At Yo Amo Barquisimeto, we declare ourselves #1 fans of Sucumbás, and we invite you to be as delighted with this restaurant as we are. Let yourself fall in love with the deliciousness of Josefina and Juan’s cuisine; their unique flavors will always stay in your heart.

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