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Sounds of Barquisimeto: The Music of Gerardo Pernalete

Piano Barquisimeto

Gerardo filled YAB's Visual Arts Exhibition with the beautiful sounds from his cuatro.

Barquisimeto is indeed filled with amazing artists; there are people that paint, others sculpt, write, or give their life to music. When talking about art, we can’t leave behind the ones that give us goosebumps once they have an instrument on their hands. The Musical City, as our city is known, was and still is the home of unbelievably talented musicians, and September 14th was just another proof of this when Gerardo Pernalete and María Gabriela Querales gave life to YAB’s Visual Arts Exhibition.


Our story to tell is about the young sounds of our beloved city; sounds that you are yet to discover. Gerardo Pernalete’s first glimpse with music happened when he was just 4 years old; his parents gave him a bongó as a birthday present, and he played it at San José Church; from that day, music had come to stay in Gerardo’s life. He began to grow as a musician at the church’s choir, and at 7 years old, he got into the Conservatorio de Barquisimeto.


Gerardo soon started to show his talents to the world. A year into the music conservatory, he began his studies in piano and was part of the Fundación Niños Cantores, where he had the opportunity to experience tours, concerts, travels, and so much more adventures in the musical world. Over 5 years ago, he began being part of a musical project along a group of friends from the Sistema de Orquestas: Serenata Voice; and nowadays, Gerardo performs as a professional pianist, always ready to fill our city with beautiful melodies.


Working with and for music


This world has fascinated Gerardo since he was little, and it has given him amazing memories that he will forever treasure, just like when he collaborated along the legendary Larense band, Carota, Ñema y Tajá, for their musical production Entre viejos y tripones. On 2014, he represented Venezuela in the World Choir Games at Riga, Latvia, as part of the Camerata Larense.


Gerardo Pernalete Barquisimeto

As a proud Guaro, Pernalete stands out in music for his talents in piano, cuatro, singing and for being a music producer.

Gerardo sees music as a way to live; it has become as natural as breathing in his everyday life. At college, he’s pursuing a musical degree; at home, he is either listening or studying music; and his work is all about music. Gerardo is one with the music: it simply means life to him.


As a proud Guaro, he takes the people and history of Barquisimeto as an inspiration; from the artists born here who are succeeding all over the world, to the demanding Barquisimetan public that makes you be a better musician after every performance. His hometown has left a mark in the memory of Gerardo, who finds comfort remembering the times of the Christmas concerts he got the chance to be part of at Santa Rosa, the Monumento al Sol, and El Obelisco, that also became his favorite places in Barquisimeto.


In the end, we are the lucky ones to be part of Barquisimeto, the city with the beautiful twilights and the great musicians. When thinking about the sounds that we’ve found here, we can make an extraordinary soundtrack that would blow the world away; and to begin with it, why not take a listen to the work of Gerardo Pernalete? At Yo Amo Barquisimeto, we’ve already started listening, now it’s your turn to feel the music.


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