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Somos Antónimo and their literaries interventions

Ariadna García, Jaisher González, Jesús Alvarado and Gabriel Guzmán, a 20 years old young barquisimetans, tell us the experience of Somos Antónimo, a voluntary group with desire of promoting the study of literature on each city’s communities.

These guys make activities that allows to get close the people to regional, national and international literature to “build the country we all want”. The main objective is to stimulate the habit of reading in the barquisimetan communities.

“We consider literature as a tool that can help to strengthen the necessary values on each life phases”, Gabriel Guzmán affirms.

The members of group guide the interested people in the community about life and work of a determined writer o poet. With the people, they analyze the cultural, social and historical context of each work. The activities of meeting are done at the end of each month, at the Lara Center of History.

In words of Jaisher González: “We choose a author and we gather information. It is a deep investigation where we try to relate with the actual context, because the way we see it, history repeats”, the young one affirms.

From a more human perspective, Ariadna García takes part: “We want to sensibilize the people, getting them close to venezuelan history, to create our own criteria”, She indicates.

The Antónimos aslo feel inspired by their favorite authors, having a tendency to write their own prime operas. “We, in our intimacy, have been motivated to write poetry or getting in novels. By knowing authors so valuable for the history, it is impossible not to inspire us”, Jesús Alvarado says.

Finally, the young guys send a message to their generation: “On the basis of art, besides of enjoying the sane entertainment, the youngs can also put their feet on earth and get in on context. Learning to develop a new way of peculiar thinking, is the best way to contribute solutions to the inconvenients they country may have”.

Want to more know? You can gather with the guys each wednesday from 10 am at Lara Square, or you can follow them on their social media as @somosantonimo

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