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Soliloquio en Negro Tenaz: a Mise-en-scène That Will Catch Your Attention

Nelson Pérez, haciendo gala de su talento, hará que mueras de risa el próximo 30 de septiembre.

Barquisimeto has always been the scenario of countless theatrical performances that make you laugh, cry, sigh and even feel indignant. The Guaro theater is so enthralling that it can touch the essential fibers of your being until you connect with the characters.

And that’s what happens in the monologue “Soliloquio en Negro Tenaz” (Soliloquy in Black Tenacious), a play-oriented to an adult audience where the shaken life of a woman is shown during her husband’s funeral. A play with feminist tints and the sensuality empowerment of women that invites people to make an inner reflection.

This is an original play by José Gabriel Núñez, and it was adapted, directed and performed by Nelson Pérez, actor, and director of the Professional Theater of Lara. This isn’t the first time that the multidisciplinary group has presented challenging pieces; since they are faithful believers of the “Stanislavski method,” they consider that the construction of characters must come from an organic and inspirational point of view.

This implies a particular way of doing the performance, from the psychological and energetic education of the actors, to interpret creative and challenging roles that invite to bow the head and analyze the personal situations of the public that enjoys the play.

If you want to laugh and reflect, surely this Soliloquy in Black Tenacious is for you. The show will take place on September 30 at 8 p.m., at the theater’s main venue, in the carrera 16, corner of calle 24, Barquisimeto. Tickets are on sale through direct message on the Professional Theater of Lara’s Instagram: @teatroproflara.


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