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Ricardo Del Bufalo and the Power of Comedy

Ricardo Del Bufalo

Ricardo Del Bufalo is a Guaro who seeks to show the good effect that comedy can have.

Once upon a time, there was a little kid who didn’t dream on becoming a doctor; instead, a young Ricardo Del Búfalo discovered La Pelota de Letras by Andrés López and Laureano Marquez’s amazing writings. Little did he know about all the things that were going to happen, but back then, all he thought about was how amazing it was to read while laughing at the same time. And then, he realized that’s what he wanted to be.


Perhaps, Ricardo’s story with comedy goes way back on his life, when he was growing up between irony, sarcasm and typical-grandfather jokes. Maybe it was destiny, fate, whatever you would call it, but his love for comedy didn’t stop, it kept rising along with his passion for writing, and so Ricardo ended up studying Social Communication at Yacambú University.  


Between Two Cities


There’s love for Barquisimeto, and there’s love for Caracas. Ricardo is based in the capital of the country, but the Musical City is still present on him; one of his favorite things was to go to the Teatro Juarez to listen to the Symphony Orchestra play their marvelous music, for him, it was amazing to hear that beautiful music for free.


In Caracas, he fell in love with the incredible cultural movement, stand-ups, book fairs and much more. He dreams of bringing, in some way, the theater movement to Barquisimeto; that people can go to a play as if it were to the cinema, that we the Guaros enjoy the cultural-artistic side even more.


Stage Fright 0 – Ricardo 1


Caracas became the second home for this Guaro. His college years happened between our city and the capital, where Ricardo found the spaces he needed to express himself and learn more about the work of a comedian. His nights at Teatro Bar and Moulin Rouge are something he’ll always have on his heart; he proudly remembers his first performance, not because everybody laughed -in fact, almost no one did- but because he showed himself capable of it.


Don’t Be Afraid to Laugh


The heroic Guaro of our story believes we can change the world with good comedy; the satire has become a must on these days, and Ricardo Del Búfalo is one of the brave ones who keep making people laugh when even he doesn’t feel like it. Comedy has become a happy place for Ricardo, the safe space he goes when he’s sad, but it has also become a duty to report any injustice that is happening.

Ricardo Del BufaloThrough his different works such as Calma Pueblo, Esto es Tuyo, writing in Plop Contenido, Hoy Qué Hay, and now in his web-show Por Eso Estamos Como Estamos, Del Bufalo has remained firmin his beliefs when it comes to expressing himself. He has had a rough time working in the comedy industry, since our country has gone through such dark times that even laughing seems like a forbidden thing, but for Ricardo, it’s important to speak out in this way, because nobody ever achieved anything by being pissed off all the time.




Laughing when “we’re not supposed to” is not wrong, it’s a form of protest, and for Ricardo, it’s also a way to keep building our identity. Por Eso Estamos Como Estamos is a six-song EP that shows the daily Venezuelan problems, those that we can no longer hide and those that everyone needs to know. It’s a protest album that mixes music and comedy because sometimes all we have left to do is laugh and keep fighting for the right thing.


It is really hard to live in fear, not knowing what will happen next, but it is good to know that we are not alone in this. Ricardo’s work has taught him to overcome difficulties with a good face, to laugh at mistakes, to resist, to learn and to move on. Maybe you don’t even notice the great power comedy can have, but that’s why it’s so amazing because it heals a part of you even if you don’t see it right away. To all those who try to make Venezuelans laugh: thank you.


We’ll keep laughing, and we hope you do too.



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