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Photography workshop at Juarez Theater

Last sunday July 23th, the Juarez Theater was crowded by a lot of young people passionate by photography to enjoy a workshop made by photographer and advertising agent Muller Mendoza.

At the workshop, it was studied thematics related to illumination, how to mount a basic triad of lights and the use of natural light to take beautiful and really representative photos.

With his integrated knowledge of photography and advertising, Mendoza took the guys into a theoretical-practical journey to consolidate the bases of a good photograph and how to manipulate “light at your own whim”.

With a considerable amount of participants, Mendoza thanked the invitation that the theater made to him. He promised to keep teaching workshops to all young people around the city, making special allusion that these kind of activities must keep doing it to have a positive influence on the society.

If you want to participate on free workshops like these at Juarez Theater, connect on their social media: @teatrojuarez and inform yourself of all activities they have prepared for you.

And, to find out more about this highlighted photographer, follow his work as @mullerphotography. Or you can visit his website http://mulll3r.wixsite.com/mullerphotography.

Remember, at Yo Amo Bqto we show you the events that you need to expand your knowledge and recognize your talents.

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