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Perros Sin Cadenas: Our pets need to live in packs

With their motto “In the pack is better,” the non-profit group Perros Sin Cadenas have begun this initiative to incentive the canine’s education in a socially pleasant and enjoyable environment.

Based on love, commitment with their pets, solidarity with the pack and justice for abandoned animals, this group of Barquisimetans gathers every afternoon at the Esequibo Park, located at the East Urbanization, to live together as a real pack.

The premise of Perros Sin Cadenas is born from the necessity to eliminate the stigma of walking dogs with some element that limits their mobility. This requires specialized training to promote the responsibility and correlation of the pets with their environment.

The vision that Perros Sin Cadenas has

Among the activities that the members of this group promote, they have, in the first instance, the contribution of educational strategies on the communities. This will allow improving the way people treat their dogs.

They share experiences applicable to canine therapy socialization cases, through the creation of a stable environment. This way, the dogs may be more friendly, and so, they prevent aggressive behaviors.

These innovators want to create recreational spaces for canines on their essence. Without the necessity of a chain, in a safe place and helping to develop the communicative abilities of the humans with their pets to achieve the psychological stability between them.

To be part of these people who love nature, ecological balance and animals in general, follow them on their social media @perrossincadenas, and they will be present every afternoon at Esequibo Park, waiting for you and your inseparable friend.


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