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Percucello: From Young Musician to Guaro Icon


The streets of Barquisimeto hide many talents, those empirical ones born of the curiosity to learn to play a musical instrument or to do some kind of dance, and those that decided to follow an artistic path creating an own style due to the artistic vein that has been shaped by their families.

Jesus Vásquez is included in the last case; with only 23 years old, this Barquisimetan cellist is part of the new generation of Guaro culture lovers. Although his academic study as a musician was formal at the Vicente Emilio Sojo Conservatory, he took aside the symphony orchestra’s formal stigma and added completely different styles, such as rock and popular music, to it.

“At the academy, I wander through the choir, percussion, orchestras, European music and Venezuelan academic music; I experimented with rock music doing Beatles, Metallica, Queen and Led Zeppelin covers. Later, I passed to Latin American rock with Gustavo Cerati, Fito Páez and Spinetta; and then to the Venezuelan rock with Desorden Público, Amigos Invisibles, Zapato 3, among others,” says Jesús.

But his rock approach is not the only thing that has defined this artist. He is also defined by his ability to open himself to new genres, such as hip-hop and electronic music, and to close a cycle with folkloric music, which has boost his desire to create and build a cultural consciousness, based on the acceptance and respect of all the artistic universes.

“I want to create a cultural center”

When we met with Jesus he gladly told us “come to my house,” and the surprise was to find the home of many cultural gatherings, full of impressive murals made by young Guaro painters and artists. Vásquez makes a short tour through the place, where the creativity and desire to continue building a better country can be breathed.

Surrounded by books and posters of events where the former teenager had participated with his pseudonym “Percucello,” a reflexive vibe is perceived in the artist. “I want to turn this house into a cultural center; you have no idea how many artists have been inspired in here. People who have experimented with painting, dance, design, music, illustration, and much more. That would be my contribution to the community.”

With the coffee wrapping aroma offered us by Jesús’s mother, he continued telling his experiences, where he emphasizes the work he did when searching, house-to-house, the artistic talents hidden among his neighbors; all this to consolidate that cultural heritage from a new generation of artists who only need an impulse to start projecting. “I know a lot of mature talents with a life perspective that I would have liked to have at their age.”

This “cultural house” already exists and has been the scenario for many musical, illustrative and design events. That cultural idea is developed inside the project “La Vida Suena,” a proposal that began with the rescue of a space in the small town of Santa Rosa and mutated into a movement that supports the Guaros and the talents that their streets hide. If you want to help others, you can follow them las @lavidasuenaong.

“The comprehensive artistic direction is my dream”

A world of possibilities lead the way for the future of this musician, but his biggest goal is a little simpler; “I want to finish my thesis,” he tells us. Nevertheless, his work does not finish there, as he wishes to begin to study artistic direction from a more comprehensive vision.

It is not only about trying with the orchestra direction, but also with all the fine arts and becoming a complete man. “I know I’m not going to learn everything, but I’m a knowledge-hungry artist.”

This boy, who grabbed the cello and made rock, has become a city icon. He has provided gathering places for artists and, along with them, he has been able to group people that recognize and respect others.

Jesús has been the nexus between the culture and the people. “For me, music is a connection to the world; it is my way of sensitizing and being more human. It’s just the way of bonding with others and be happy. “

At Yo Amo Bqto, we hope that you can fulfill all your dreams, because people like you, Jesús, are needed to create a Venezuela that can live of the culture, the arts, tourism and the good Venezuelan vibes.


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