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Pastelería Majestic: History Through Coffee and Pastries

The first word that comes to my mind when I think about the Pastelería Majestic is “spectacular” because you can’t describe it with any less than that. Its excellent pastries, delicious coffee, and good service made the Barquisimetanos fall in love with this bakery, to the point that almost 60 years later the Majestic is still well-known and loved by us locals.

What Is Done with Love, Is Done Well

Whatever you buy at Pastelería Majestic feels special, the desserts are the most delicious in town, and you become obsessed with its coffee. I remember going as a child, having breakfast with my family at its cozy tables, and grabbing a little sip of my mother’s cup of coffee, matched with an exquisite pastelito de queso crema on my plate, one of the people’s favorites; including me.  

The story of Pastelería Majestic begins with the love story of Mrs. Gerhardt, who arrived from Germany, and her husband, whom she met in Valencia, Venezuela, while she worked at the Lutheran Church as a nanny. Later on, they moved their love all the way to Barquisimeto and bought the Pastelería Majestic, which was run by Swiss at that time.

The success of Pastelería Majestic was huge, so much that they had to move it to a bigger store, located in the Carrera 19, between 30th and 31st Streets. Where it is still located, seeing people come and go; its been witness of happy times, of people, laughing and sharing a piece of cake. During the 1980s, it is said that it was even the meeting spot of some politicians.

Pastelería Majestic

Would you like to meet us for breakfast? Let’s start the day sitting in this European-style bakery.

Years of Joy

The minutes passed by while you kept staring at all the pastries you could choose on the Majestic; its exceptional chocolate bonbons filled with different flavors; exclusive chocolates adored, with different shapes and decorated in such unique ways that it’s hard to pick just one.

For the Barquisimetanos, the Majestic was the first choice on Easter day, for its well-known chocolate bunnies and beautiful Easter eggs of different colors and designs, some small and some big, but all were exquisite, and even had a little prize inside them! What kid didn’t look forward to their Easter eggs? My sister and I woke up early that day when we were little, just to find the Easter eggs next to our beds.

Mrs. Gerhardt and her husband used to run the bakery themselves, then it was their children’s turn, along with the help of its lifetime staff, to keep the iconic place alive. Pastelería Majestic is all about memories, love, family, and holding on to the traditions.

To this day, the Barquisimetanos still take time out of their day to grab a cup of coffee at the Majestic. If you’ve never been there, Yo Amo Barquisimeto invites you to give this classic Barquisimeto place a try! Take a moment and get to know the beautiful spots of our Twilight City. I’m sure you’ll get a good memory.


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