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Oleo’s: Coffee Days and Pizza Nights

Oleo's Barquisimeto

Spend the day in this lovely restaurant and enjoy the great gastronomy of Barquisimeto.

There’s something about that first sip of coffee that gets you all warmed up, from the tip of your toes to your heart, just like a cozy hug from your mom. There’s something about having a piece of your favorite cake with your best friend, just like when you were seven years old and laughed together about your chocolate-covered faces. And of course, there’s something about the starry night-outs with your sweetheart, eating pizza and sharing the last delicious slice.


In the end, those are the memories that matter, and Barquisimeto gives you nothing but spectacular places to help you make them. Oleo’s was born to bring the magical touch that was so needed in our Twilight City.


There’s Always Time for a Coffee and Cake

As a coffee lover, my days are not completed without a cup of coffee in the mid-afternoon, and I believe Oleo’s have come to the rescue of the typical boring days. Once you go through the door, the bossa nova & jazz music will take your mind to a petite café Parisien, or to the charms of the Eternal City. Oleo’s restaurant has become Barquisimeto’s little piece of Europe on the east side of the city.


What’s more incredible that a chocolate cake? A triple chocolate cake, where you’ll taste the deliciousness of chocolate in all of its presentations. If you’re a macarons fan, then add color and sugar to your days with the ones you’ll find at Oleo’s, or perhaps just enjoy your coffee with a delicious cookie, just like the classic days with your family. The pastries you can find here are simply out of this world, and it’s impossible just to pick one, but the good side is that there are no wrong choices: everything is great.


Oleo's Venezuela

You’ll fall in love with Oleo’s gourmet pizzas, delicious coffee, and desserts.

Pizza + Beers = Happiness

When the sun goes down, the little lights of Oleo’s roof light up the place giving a romantic vibe, making way for the amazing gourmet pizzas. When in doubt about a night out, Oleo’s is the place to go; I assure you, you won’t regret a bite of its divine pizzas. Just imagine this: roast beef, smoked cheese, béchamel sauce and Napoli sauce; the most exquisite flavors in one pizza, only at Oleo’s, and the final touch of the night: a nice beer.


Whether if it’s for a weekday or a cool weekend plan, and whether you come with your friends, family or the love of your life, Oleo’s welcomes you during the afternoon and the starry nights. The nice breeze and the beautiful trees, the singing birds right before the stars come out, and the smell of every delicious plate along the warm and coziness of the place, makes Oleo’s say present in the gastronomic movement of the Twilight City, and it’s a place you definitely can’t miss on.


Barquisimeto keeps growing every day. We can find amazing new gastronomic places and also amazing projects like our friends of CoAutos; so if you’re one of the braves who keeps believing and dreaming in our Twilight City, from Yo Amo Barquisimeto there’s nothing left to say but thank you!


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