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Neya: Taking Art to the Tropical Vibes

Arte Barquisimeto

Neya takes her bright colors from Barquisimeto to the world and beyond.

If you look in the right places you’ll find wonderful talents raised in our beautiful Barquisimeto and, we don’t know about you, but we can’t get enough of the incredible art that our Guaros can make, just like the works of our Guara of the Week: Neya Salas.

You may know María Eugenia Salas as @laneyaylabestia on Instagram, her bright-colored illustrations and videos are too amazing to miss. As the daughter of a plastic artist/illustrator, Neya fell in love with creation as a child; later discovering Art Spiegelman, Marisol Escobar, Basquiat and more great ones who would help her to learn more about herself and the art she was making.


Neya describes herself as an observer who feels the need to express her vision of the world, sometimes abstract, sometimes specific, but always staying true to the creations of her mind. Her happy place is anywhere she can have fun, find out new things, laugh, and feel kindness. Her art is based on daily life on the street, in nature, in people and their movement. Sometimes art can speak more than words, and that’s what Neya tries to prove through her works.  

I always find myself looking for urban epiphanies


Arte Barquisimeto

Neya brings the tropical-latino vibes to her great illustrations and videos.

With a soundtrack of old reggaeton, and salsa, mashed-up with classical music, we picture Neya world full of colors, just like her art. The Venezuelan swing and warmness can be felt in her works. You’ll find illustrations and videos that will get you into the Latin-Tropical feeling, with references to our culture, music, the way of life and even flavors.






For Neya, Barquisimeto has a very special meaning; the warmth of our people, the simplicity, the cheerfulness for which we are so well known, are things that her heart will never forget. Now, Neya took herself and her art to the streets of Lima, Peru, a place where the first thing she felt was the Peruvian summer welcoming her, just as warm as her hometown.


We are sure Neya’s art will keep blossoming and capturing every corner of the world, just like she caught us and probably caught you too. Yo Amo Barquisimeto invites you to keep an eye on this wonderful artist and, just like Neya does, to learn to see the beauty in the everyday things and make art in your own way.


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