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National Guaro: Armando Villalón

Villalón is a figure in the world of painting. Without a doubt, he's an artist and a treasure for Barquisimeto.

The City of Twilights has been the birthplace of many talented figures of the Venezuelan heritage: musicians, singers, models, and so much more has been brought up to the valley of the Turbio River. But one of the most important and least mentioned things is that Barquisimeto is also the birthplace of plastic artist and painters who, with strokes and figures, symbolize the spirit of Guaros, and also, represent the city across the world. One of those talented figures is no other than Armando Villalon, painter and public figure among the artistic circles of the city, and special representative of how it’s never too late to pursue your dreams.

Like many other figures in the artistic scene, Villalón was born in the city of Twilight without having an inkling of what his life would be. Born the 6th of July 1945, his early years were full of experiences in which he discovered his passion: creating. Drawing, painting and participating in academic activities that required him to perform with his talents, he found that this was his true calling early on. By the time, he reached high school and his dreams took a detour: the young Villalon was not able to figure out a method that allowed him a stable income as an artistic painter, so he decanted over Electrical Engineering to be able to work and make a good living. But, the fate decided to take the wheel and didn’t allow him to work as that. Commerce gave him the chance to work with his art late at night. He found love and family and eventually decided to pursue his dream more fervently. His wife encouraged him to pursue his dreams and made sure to support him through his ideas. With children and wife in tow, by 1980, he was moving to Spain to learn and experience other currents of art. Inspired by his learning, along with Joaquin Sorolla’s artistry, he developed the style that he has been holding on for decades.

Filled with inspirational drive, he wanted to construct something else but artistry. He wanted to involve children of Barquisimeto in the world of plastic arts, and along with his family, he founded a small institution in which these tiny members of society could learn how to create with their hands. With his late wife, he also founded the Villalón Gallery of Arts, a place where artists connect and showcase their talents with other visitors.

Villalón’s presence and importance for the cultural heritage of the city are part of why he’s renowned, but his artistry put him in the spotlight. Not only through religious settings, as he’s known for painting Divina Pastora over the years, but he’s also incredibly fond of landscapes, and for over 10 years, he lived in Terepaima Mountain, from he could gaze at incredible dawns and sunsets that potentiated his love for arts. Barquisimeto is the city that saw him bloom and the place where he has created incredible memories that he puts on his paintings. For him, effort, constancy, and devotion along with the undeterred love for the land are the fuel for the growth of the nation. “We have to keep struggling to get the country we want, and the family we want,” he said with aplomb, and finished with a flourish: “I keep believing in my country, and I think the future is up to us” he punctuated with a smile.

Here, at YoAmoBQTO.com, we want you to experience the city in a completely new way. We want you to meet the talented artists that make it incredibly special, and also, make people all around the world fall for it. Armando Villalón, the painter of the mists, is just one of the stars that shine just when the sun is setting down in the City of Twilights. I can assure you that you’ll have a great time watching art and enjoying the unique sights that his paintings offer.  

His talent and unique style are known by almost every citizen of Barquisimeto.

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