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Nanjo Arte’s Painting Journey

Barquisimeto Arte

Nanjo finds inspiration in the little things of nature and life, making amazing works of art.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way, even if it takes you 20 years to make it; Hernán Alvarado can tell you a little about it. Since he was a little kid, art has always been present in his life; with his mother being an artist herself, as a photography and painting lover, and also interested in the culinary arts, Hernán quickly learned where his passion was. He grew up through the influences of colors, pictures, easels, and oil, which helped him become the great artist he now is.

However, even with his heart beating for the arts, Alvarado took the path to Valencia for studying Industrial Relations; but when something is meant to be, it will always follow you, that’s why on Carabobo, he discovered his new passion: Graphic Design. His whole life has been involved between the arts, in one way or another. Hernán lives through painting, philosophy, sales dynamics, singing, music, publicity, communication, psychology, and design, and even if all sound kinda different, he has managed to connect it over the years.

Chasing Art

His road with the brush has been extraordinary. Between the late 90s and early 2000’s, Hernán became Nanjo Arte, an artist who communicated through the marvelous things he painted; he had his own art exhibition, painted an all-flowers series and discovered where he was going with his talent. However, he needed time that he didn’t have for painting, so he ended up leaving it on a side for 14 years. In 2015, after retiring as a graphic designer from UCLA, where he worked for 20 years, it was time to try again.

Now, Nanjo has explored and improved his artistic technique, using a mixture of drip painting, pointillism, and geometric art. As a proactive person, he uses his time for more than one painting, he usually works with two at the same time, but each one requires of patience and love to get it done; after all, you know the moment you start it, but not exactly sure of when are you going to finish it. A work of art could take him two weeks or even two months.

Barquisimeto Arte

Art is a way for Nanjo to express himself.

Life as a Canvas

His works of art are inspired by the nature that we see every day, but we don’t appreciate enough. Nanjo finds his muse in the daily rain, in the huge tree at the end of the street, which gives life and color to your days; the bright colors of the sunset, announcing another day has passed. But most importantly, the artist wants to reflect the importance of enjoying the creations here on Earth, and also enjoy of the Creator of them.

His passion for the sea is also a huge boost; for his wife and him, our Caribbean Sea has a special meaning, making it easy for him to create on canvas the wonders of the clear saltwater, the light sand, and the way of the soft waves. The deepness, life, and every small detail you can find in water amaze Nanjo, taking it as one of his biggest muses.

And since life is not complete without music, before grabbing the painting brush, the music is turned on. Through the sweet sounds of instrumental music, he sees every canvas as a new opportunity to express himself, to communicate goodness and positiveness; it’s an opportunity to make something new that could make a change in someone’s life and inspire.

But the secret of Nanjo’s amazing paintings is the love that exists in his family. His wife, Alicia, is his number one fan, supporting him through it all; with more than 32 years of great love, there is no doubt that she is his friend, partner and the love of his life. Their children were also born with the creativity and talent that the couple has, and even if they’re a few miles away, Hernán y Alicia makes sure they are present thanks to the works of art they have made.

This is just the beginning of Nanjo’s works. He keeps making and creating beautiful art pieces every day, and he hopes to continue painting even when he is 100 years old. Everything that is done with passion and goodness will remain, and we are sure that Nanjo’s wonders are going to be one of those things. From Yo Amo Barquisimeto, we invite you to fall right into the colors and shapes of Nanjo Arte; after all, we are sure art makes everything better.


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