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On the east of the city, you’ll find a street that seems different than the rest; the air seems a bit lighter, and you’ll often see young musicians fast-paced walking to get to class. That’s because the Avenida Madrid holds a very special place for the guaros: The Conservatorio Vicente Emilio Sojo.


The prestigious academy has been the second home of great musicians: Gustavo Dudamel, Diego Matheuz, and many others took their first musical steps right in those hallways. Its history began in 1936 on 24th Street, but it wasn’t until 1995 that it became the one we know today, and there it continues. 


Despite the days when it all seems lost, it’s enough to go through the doors of the Conservatorio to enter a different world: music is the spark that keeps everybody going. Among its corridors you’ll find incredible musicians practicing, and with each door you pass you get to enjoy the magic thanks to the beautiful melodies from inside the classrooms.


Sometimes it seems as if time has stopped. You always find a girl practicing the violin before her test; the piano playing in the next room; the trumpeters on the lower level filling the corridors with joy. The Conservatorio refuses to be forgotten or to let itself be knocked down, and that’s because even in the most difficult moments, for them it means to continue resisting; it was time reinvent themselves.

Under the executive direction of Professor Freddy Silva and the Teaching Direction of Professor Anderson Peraza, they have begun to retake events for the Barquisimetana cultural agenda. The squares, theatres and halls of the city will once again live with the concerts of the students of the conservatory. “Learning and going out to show” will be the new motto.


The reconstruction of culture through music plays an important role for tomorrow’s Barquisimeto. The professors of the Conservatorio know this, and they work towards not only training good musicians, but also great people who offer the goodness of their talent, without limiting anyone; those who want to learn music are always welcome.


It’s always a good day to get lost between the melodies, so don’t hesitate to give a chance to the concerts the conservatory is preparing (you can have more info on their Instagram account @conservatoriovicenteemiliosojo), or don’t hesitate to take a look at the new talents when they practice in the gardens of the Academy to highlight your day. If there’s one thing we’re sure of, it’s that the conservatory is a beautiful piece of The Musical City’s magic.