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Museo de Barquisimeto: Get Lost Between the Arts

Barquisimeto Museum

This cultural space was born in July 1982, and since then, it became the home of the arts of our Twilight City.

What comes to your mind when you think about your happy place? Perhaps you travel back to the time you were floating in the sea, or when you were looking at the prettiest sunset ever, but we all have our own happy place. No matter how different they are, because it’s all about the feeling you get there that says everything’s alright for a while, that you can just let yourself be. When I think about my happy place, I find myself between precious memories; but I’m gonna tell you about one of my very favorites: the museums; and not just any museum, but the Museo of Barquisimeto.


The Museo de Barquisimeto was my first museum-love; we met when I was a child, and from what I remember, it was love at first sight. I patiently (or probably not so patiently) waited for the weekend, because I was sure my parents would take me one more time to visit that incredible place I just discovered. I remember the excitement I got once I saw the white and colonial facade, and how happy I felt getting out of the car to get to the museum. I remember walking through its hallways and being amazed by every painting, telling my dad I wanted to become one of those people that created them. I remember the laugh thanks to the storytellers, the puppet theater, I remember how happy I felt in the museum.


Barquisimeto art

Inside the museum, you can find the Capilla San Miguel, which serves as a musical space and is loved by musicians, orchestras and all Guaros.

Our museum was probably my first encounter with the arts, and I never looked back since; they fill my soul just like air fills my lungs. Nothing’s so bad that a visit to the Museo can’t change it, or at least it doesn’t hurt anyone to stop for a while to be surrounded by colors, expressions, and talent. To stand still in the middle of our never-stopping city, and take a break to understand who we were, who we are and want we want to be.


Maybe it’s not a coincidence the good feeling you get after visiting the Museo, after all, it used to be a place to heal, it was known as the Hospital La Caridad. Now that 140 years have passed, it still is a place to get better; it probably won’t cure your flu, but it indeed is an excellent remedy for heartbreaks, bad days, or just to take a break and reload your energies. Say goodbye to worries while exploring the Venezuelan painters and sculptures; to discover the musicians that rejoice Barquisimeto, and even to enjoy the singing of the birds and the wind in the mid-afternoon.


For once in a while, we need to get lost between the arts and the things that we love. We need to discover new things, to find yourself in the talent of strangers, to explore what we haven’t met yet. Barquisimeto is filled with magical spaces with stories to tell, and the Museo de Barquisimeto is proof of this. The next time I go, I know it won’t be the same one I went when I was a child, but it will be a new experience to share, and it will still be a happy place to remember.


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