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Outstanding Movies Every Woman Should Watch

Great movies for strong women

Films that portray the lives of strong women who overcome challenges every day. Learn a little more about them on today's blog!

Women’s Month is really about the efforts and challenges that every woman has to make and overcome to achieve her goals and find happiness. In the world of cinema, you can find stories that portray these experiences in order to inspire changes and move all viewers. That is why it is worth taking the time to watch movies with brave, strong and sensitive women as main characters who fill you with pride and desire to move towards a better future.

On today’s blog, YoAmoBQTO brings you a selection of Venezuelan and foreign films that celebrate the diversity of characters, personalities, struggles, and decisions that are visible in a woman’s daily life. Just keep reading and discover some films every woman should watch!

Movies to celebrate Women’s Month

Are you ready for a marathon of unique movies and stories about women who have managed to break out of the imposed patterns and find their happiness? Let’s see!

Liz in September

The first recommendation is a Venezuelan film that broke with the thematic stereotypes of the cinema in this country. Liz in September is an adaptation of Last Summer at Bluefish Cove, a play that was very popular in the 1980s. The feature film shows at Liz and Eva, two women who will change their way of seeing life thanks to the relationship they gradually develop and the situations in which they are involved.

More than a film about the LGBT community, this movie is about rediscovering oneself and understanding that women should seek their happiness without stopping to think about prejudices and what other people say. It teaches women that it is necessary to live the life they want because it is very short and we never know when it might end.

They Call Us Warriors

They Call Us Warriors (Nos llaman guerreras) is a documentary whose description can be summarized in one word: overcoming. This film shows the experiences of several members of the Venezuelan U-17 (now U-20) women’s national team. The players, Sandra Luzardo, Yerliane “La Pantera” Moreno, Daniuska Rodríguez, Verónica Herrera, and Deyna Castellanos, talk about their journey to the 2016 World Cup in Jordan, and the sacrifices they and their families have made to bring the Venezuelan team to where it is today. Many of this girls come from a quite hard background. However, this fact never stopped them from playing football and made all Venezuelans proud.

The overcoming story of these incredible women managed to raise the lost spirits of a population that struggles against laziness and discouragement every day. It is an example of discipline, respect, hope, and even real feminism, as these girls have managed to put aside negative comments and show with their efforts that they are as strong, talented, and determined as any male player.

A Fantastic Woman

This Chilean film has definitely broken all paradigms of cinema. Fantastic Woman tells the story of a transgendered woman who has a relationship with a divorced older man. Throughout the film, this woman, who has not yet managed to change her status and name for her new and real identity, has to face the stigma of a macho society that does not respect her for who she is.

One of the most fascinating elements of this film is the main character, played by a transgender actress who led this film to win the 2018 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. Thanks to her own stories and experiences, the actress, Daniela Vega, managed to give more depth to the adversities that the character faces every minute of this film. In the end, this movie shows that being yourself may not please society, but that it’s your responsibility as a fantastic woman to live your life the way you want.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Following the idea of interesting films about and for women, the turn is now for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. One of the most emblematic elements of this film is how it manages to mix humor with drama, creating a film that can bring tears and laughter from the most sensitive viewers. The story focuses on a woman who tries to pressure the village police chief to find out who her daughter’s killer is. The creativity of this determined mother is clearly visualized with the use of three billboards that attract the attention of an entire country.

Throughout the film, several facets of a woman are shown. Including that of a desperate mother who is capable of doing whatever it takes to do justice, whether ethical or not. The best thing about the movie? The fact that it shows that women should not be idealized as they can also make mistakes and be impulsive. However, this does not stop them from being strong and independent women who don’t let anyone intimidate them.

The Dressmaker

The first element that will call your attention about this film will definitely be the contrast between a gray town, full of selfish and resentful people, and the color and beauty of the dresses of a vengeful Kate Winslet. This film focuses on the story of a dressmaker who had to leave her hometown for a crime she didn’t commit in her childhood. Now she comes back, eager to show all those who mistreated her that she was able to move forward without help and have a successful life unlike many who still live in that shabby place.

During her stay, she will have to face the judgments of a sick mother and a community that, despite accepting her help, continues to despise her. Although the film has some sharp twists and turns, the feminine characteristic remains that of a woman who overcomes obstacles and deals with prejudices, even though the journey to achieve it can be quite painful.

Other top films that deserve an honorable mention are Wonder Woman and Black Panther. Although they are superhero films, each of them stood out from a female point of view. In the case of Wonder Woman showing the fantastic growth of a character who had to learn to take the lead and manage the loss of loved ones. And in Black Panther, portraying in such magnificent way warriors who were in charge of the security of a king.

Several of these films teach you to break the mold, experience new adventures, challenge the past, fight for your dreams, and to overcome your fears. Situations that in the end lead you to achieve the ultimate goal: to be happy on your own terms.

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Great characters in movies for women

These films represent all the genius and courage that women show every day!


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