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The Great Minds Behind Sam Coworking

Sam Coworking

Once you enter Sam Coworking, you'll want to be a #Samer right away.

Imagine a place where the first thing you feel when you get inside is that you belong; where music relaxes you to the point you feel like you’re home, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a coffee, tea or water lover, because you all are getting spoiled in the best way. A place where you can share your ideas and get support, meet new people, and where work won’t even feel like a duty. Now, what if I tell you that all this exists? In a little street of Barquisimeto, there’s a wonderful place with plenty ideas and creativity: Sam Coworking, founded by Farley Torrealba and Heczabeth Simancas.


Sam is a dream come true.

               -Farley Torrealba


The Beginning of Everything

Farley Torrealba’s teaching experience inspired him. He thought that his student’s creativity, and even their rebelliousness, could bring amazing results with a little help. But there were not enough spaces that would support this, and Farley wanted to change it. He wanted to be the friend, the hand you can give to the entrepreneur. And along with his wife, Heczabeth Simancas, he created Sam Innovaciones: 




Two years later they decided to create Sam Coworking, the first coworking in Barquisimeto. But wait, let’s rewind for a moment to explain what a coworking is: It’s when people who are not part of the same company or share the same activity are going to work together in the same space. Got it? Let’s keep going.

At first, Torrealba thought the coworking was already in Barquisimeto, but when he realized that it wasn’t; he and his wife became the pioneers in our city. “For one reason or another, people connect here. Whether it’s for a quote on the blackboard, a painting, or a creative idea,” Heczabeth tells us. Sam Coworking was created for people to have a cozy and creative spot, an ideal working space; and not just to work, but a place where people can come and be happy doing what they love and are passionate about.


Sam Coworking

The owners’ goal is to create a unique place to brainstorm ideas.

A Day at Sam Coworking

This goes for all bed working people. You know who you are! I’ve even been one, but now I’m in love with sitting on a desk with a hot cup of coffee on my hand, listening to nice music and being surrounded of wonderful people while I write. Yo Amo Barquisimeto moved to this beautiful place, and now we’re working next to great talents. Mornings or afternoons, people are always moving and creating, because Sam Coworking inspires you to keep your work going.

For the founders, Farley and Heczabeth, it’s the same way: they always go home thinking “it was a good day,” no matter what because, even if something not so good happened, they keep discovering people who motivate them and believes in everything Sam represents. Heczabeth could not be happier with the way things are going, and neither could Farley. They call their brave and brilliant community as Samers, and hope to keep Sam Coworking and its great community growing; they expect more people to bet for the idea of coworking and create more spaces like Sam to support our local talents.


Sam promotes the good things, and its creators feel that they are on the right track and are sure there are still many great people to discover. They hope for more ideas, more persons to spread the positive vibes, and want Sam to become a snowball effect to fill people with hopefulness. Farley and Heczabeth invite you to get out of that coffee shop, where you always have your meetings, to grab your laptop, your phone, leave your room and get to Sam Coworking to live the experience and meet inspiring people.

Heczabeth thanks her husband for encouraging her not to be afraid to change, and Farley thanks her for always supporting him in his ideas. And now, it’s our turn; Yo Amo Barquisimeto wants to thank both of them for believing in people like us and creating a perfect space for ideas to grow, for discovering new talents, and for still rooting for our city.

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