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As if it were a beautiful miracle of the arts, the theatre is about to reborn among the people of Barquisimeto. If somebody thought that the lights on the stages were turned off, Microteatro has come to show that it is quite the opposite.

For 21 seasons the Caracas spaces have fallen in love with their talents. Fifteen minutes is all they need to have their audience laughing, crying and completely charmed. This time, Barquisimeto will be the stage for their stories; now you will be able to feel like one in the play and live closely the passion and adrenaline felt by the actors themselves.

Microteatro arrived in the city to give action to the guaro theater by the hand of T-Jireh Producciones. From the Twilight City, you’ll get to enjoy the Guaro talents through El anillo pa’ cuándo; Brujuladas; Hasta que la muerte los separe; El cumpleañode Mama Patria; Misses al desnudo; Sobrevivientes; Lentejas, el pan nuestro de cada día; Prostitutas en Bs. Fuertes; ¿Y que dijo el Muerto? & El Circo.

The stories from Caracas will also be part of the fun weekend. You’ll get to enjoy Anita; Yo quiero ser artista; Cabaret; 69 sombras más oscuras de Greysmar y Las gemelas Candela & Carmela. All these pieces will take place at the Hotel Jirahara from July 05th to 7th starting at 6:00 pm, and among their scenographies, performances and stories they seek to make Barquisimeto fall in love with the first work.

Behind the Scenes with Alondra Lara:
Lentejas, el pan nuestro de cada día

Alondra Lara is one of the young actresses of Barquisimeto whom will make her debut in theatre by giving life to Lucia in “Lentejas, el pan nuestro de cada ía” during Microteatro, a role that came to take her out of her comfort zone and challenged her to discover more. 

Lucía came to Alondra’s life suddenly, but to stay, just like we hope for Barquisimeto’s theatre to be. Now it’s the time to go out and experience art as we’ve never done before; to hope for more stories to be performed between Barquisimeto’s stages.