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Meet the Guaro of the Week: DJ Zardonic

Do you want to know some more about this Guaro? Check this interview!

Barquisimeto is known for its cultural enrichment and for its great art. This is because this is a musical city, which has earned the name of “Music Capital of Venezuela”. Many talented artists from this place have grown up and become acquainted with their music in many parts of the world. Also, there are talents from this land that are dedicated to various musical genres, such as rock or techno, which for many aren’t very common, but still an important contribution to the art of the City of Twilights. Among the musicians who dedicate themselves to these musical genres is Federico Agreda, better known internationally as DJ Zardonic.


He defines himself as a highly analytical, pragmatic, intuitive, and determined individual. This describes him and characterizes his career as well. Its name comes from the word “sardonic”, which means sarcastic and could be said ironic: “that is a smile that does not come from joy,” he added with a smile. He’s a 90’s guy, and that explains why the inspiration of his mask design: it has a touch of Deadpool and Mortal Kombat along with Spawn. Like many other young artists, he knew that his work would be related to music from his childhood: “My passion for synthesizers comes from the exploration and recording of sounds since I was a kid.”


The smile grew wider when I asked him the reason behind his musical style: “At that time you couldn’t be 13, read Nietzsche and be satanic without your parents telling you anything. Because if you were not a Catholic, you were a heretic with addictions”. On the other hand, Zardonic had a Casio keyboard by then, and his mother loved the idea, because it looked like a classical piano and she always dreamed of him being a classical musician. However, he began synthesizing the electric guitar with the keyboard. Later, when he was 17, he met with Melomaniac Records of Caracas to edit his first production under the name of “Gorepriest”. It was a production of apocalyptic themes: “At that time it was fashionable to say that the world was ending: Y2K, Hercolubus, the movie Armageddon with the daughter of Steven Tyler. ‘I don’t wanna miss a thingggg!’, remember?”, he said in a very sure way, which makes him a real person who sticks to his convictions and who expresses his opinions in an incredible way.


The world obviously didn’t end and the party kept on going. He evolved, and eventually reached the title he now holds: “DJ Zardonic”. He strayed away from his rigid techno phase and welcomed classical sounds that influence and make people interact and love the productions he does. For him, it’s been a faith trip: “My family laughs with me, they’ve been with me since the start and I’m grateful to have the chance of reaching the goals I set myself to do”. His family is proud of his work, and they surely have a laugh at those who didn’t believe in him, but his trajectory shows the results of his talent and drive.


As far as musical experiences, he has a more relaxed and happy expression on his demeanor. “It’s creating a new world, take them to a new universe in which you are the creator and absolute god”. For him, the musical power is one of the main influences on the life of the people, and with a unique showcase and incredible presentations under his belt, I can assure you of the reality of this comment. For DJ Zardonic, his main cultural influences as far as music production would be influenced by Trent Reznor, bands like Metallica, or pioneers of mixing electronic and rock like Atari Teenage Riot. As any good 90’s kid, composers of video games, like Nobuo Uematsu also play a big role in his influences, and traditional movie composers, like Hans Zimmer and Danny Elfman also come along. His international musical career started in Mexico. “I went there with only the plane ticket they sent me! Thankfully, it all came along nicely”. He told me something that would be with me for quite a while: “When it’s mainstream music, you get wild offers that are often scams. But with less known styles, the offers are often modest and true.”


He is a proud Guaro and, besides, critic of the behaviors that people often identify as natural of the Venezuelans.. “The irreverence can be incredibly unnerving for people from other cultures.” As far as the city, he has a preferred place called “Bunker del Este”, a staple location for underground artists. “The people are quiet and respectful, at the same time funny and happy”. For him, that cultural relax and respect make it alike some places in Europe, where he’s planning to move sometime soon.  “And I loved to roam the streets because everything was close by”, he said. He loved to see the world that way, and now in the USA “where the public transportation isn’t as ingrained, and the distances are bigger, it’s still a huge change. “


As far as being a representative of Venezuela outside its frontiers, his comments are as spot on as any: “I think it’s time for Venezuelans to make more noise outside, to give value to the talent. Let’s change that cassette!”. He plans to tour in his country, but more than that, he wants to fill the Poliedro up, in Caracas. With experiences on stage, he told us that he misses the passion of Venezuelan audiences. However, there are two countries that are equally passionate: Russia and the Czech Republic. “They love a heavy sound!”. His favorite experience? Beats for Love in the Czech Republic. Currently, he’s producing artists from several genres, ranging from rock and more close to his natural environment to something softer and more mainstream. As a final message to the city, he simply stated: “If you want it you can get it. I’m not being romantic or palaver, I’m just stating that with discipline, talent and perseverance, you can make the most out of the opportunities”.
Here, at YoAmoBQTO.com, we love to see our people having unique experiences in the world, and talented artists, like Federico Agreda, make us feel proud of being Guaros. He’s a talented and recognized musician that took his DJ Zardonic idea beyond and he’s reaching across the globe with his exceptional style.

The people from Barquismeto are the main exponents of culture and talent in the City of Twilights.

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