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Master Class of Venezuelan Rhythms With Narciso Diaz

Guaro with charisma, great dedication, and passion, are words that define Narciso Diaz since he has been able to deck the world stage by exalting the name of Venezuela with the most versatile instrument, to the surprise of many. We are talking about the particular sound of the cuatro.

And for all the cuatristas who want to delve into the vibrations and frequencies of our musical history, this Master Class of Venezuelan rhythms is for you. This workshop was born from the need of Narciso to present the culture of our country and to rescue it.

“The workshop is looking for the north. I always had the concern about the rescue of the culture that identifies us as Venezuelans through music. I want to show the right way to play the golpe tocuyano (music style from the Venezuelan city El Tocuyo), and the golpe curarigüeño that has lost its essence due to the transfer from its African origins to this urban world,” explains Diaz.

The musician also states that these rhythms usually have a syncopation that used to go backward as a result of social movements: modern times where there were massive migrations from the countryside to the city and many edges of culture mutated; music is an example of that. “This rhythm in the form of syncopation was transformed into a style very similar to the joropo or a fast waltz, losing its original essence. And that’s why I want to rescue it through the Master Class.”

What’s the structure of the Master Class?

On September 28, 29, and 30, from 3 to 6 p.m., classes will be held at the Los Hatillos Residence, in front of the Padre Machado School on Lara Avenue. The participation quota is limited to 15 people; this way the class’ approach and customization will be more vivid.

The workshop will address the history of the four, golpe tocuyano and curarigüeño, and merengue 5/8th. Also, the current parranda and the 5/8th one will be played. Finally, the participants will study the Venezuelan golpe and the oriental refrain.

It’s time to share

This Venezuelan musician, a lover of the vibration and the frequency that gives Barquisimeto, considers that it’s time to pass the knowledge to new generations so that the culture could last forever.

“I don’t want to take what I have learned to the grave; I want to share it with this Master Class and thank all those teachers who have shared (knowledge) with me. The art is the one transmitting the culture, and that’s what really defines a country. I love Barquisimeto because of its vibration, its frequency, and I thank the universe because this city has taught me incredible music and because I was able to born here,” emphasizes the teacher, smiling in a sentimental way.

If you want to participate in this workshop, which promises to be a journey that will take you back to the basics and the purely essential, just send an email to Narciso_qatro@hotmail.com. Follow him on his social networks as @Norcisodq and dare to awaken your national sentiment, and to exploit it through your instrument.

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