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Alirio Diaz

The Musical City is in a week-long anniversary celebration and music is a must on the YAB list. It's time to spend some time to explore the amazing sounds from Barquisimeto's musicians.

The beauty of Barquisimeto doesn’t end with its twilights, that’s just a small part of what we are. Barquisimeto is the city of music, arts, and culture, it can be anything we want it to be; to celebrate it we’ll have the 1st Visual Arts Exhibition Yo Amo Barquisimeto, to honor our hometown and the talented guaros that share their works of art with the world.

Barquisimeto’s 466th anniversary week wouldn’t be complete without music, and lucky us since we have tons of amazing musicians around. From rock to folk music, and from indie to the beautiful sounds of an orchestra hall, the talent of the guaros is undeniable; the incredible connection a guaro creates with music is just magical, and we believe it’s time we share this magic with you by introducing some of the wonderful musicians behind the melodies we love.

Alirio Díaz

This Caroreño left us with some of the most beautiful guitar compositions. Díaz is an important part of not only Barquisimeto’s musical history but also of Venezuela and even the world, thanks to the records he made in his country and abroad. Among his great compositions we can find Récital de Guitare No. 1, Desesperanza, Cinco cantos populares, Alirio y Morella: Canciones, Compuesta por tonadas, and so many more. For the guaros, every time we listen to Alirio Diaz’s guitar we feel nothing but pridefulness.


The electronic music project began thanks to the minds of Héctor Martínez and Orlando Barranco, along with Manuel Páez, Sheidegger Silva and Miguel Bermúdez. Just a few seconds into any Caseroloops song and they’ll have you dancing with their Afro-Caribbean rhythms and the spark that only the folklore of the Venezuelan province can bring. For us, it’s always a good day if Caseroloops’ music is around.

Gustavo Dudamel

Dudamel started his story with music when he was a child, picking up the violin when he was just 10 years old. Now he is the music director of the Orquesta Sinfónica Simón Bolívar and the Los Angeles Philharmonic, making his hometown proud of all his achievements. Dudamel’s talent has taken him all over the world conducting incredible orchestras such as the Vienna Philharmonic, the Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra, and the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra.

Drosera Capensis

For every music genre you can think of, you’ll discover a Guaro who rocks it.

El Otro Borges

It was initially created by Jean Guarenas, who now resides in Buenos Aires, Argentina. EOB has successfully evolved its musicality from its jazz roots into a style that resembles electronic folk with pop features. Along with Caseroloops, EOB was a few of the amazing guaro bands that performed at the SXSW 2018. Their latest EP, Eclipse, contains four tracks and gives off a musical jewel called El Salmón.

Drosera Capensis

With their stoner rock influences, the inspiration to start Drosera Capensis flowed just like magic. Their experimental rock is unbelievable; from their songs to their live shows, you’ll feel an incredible energy that won’t let you resist to move your head along the rhythm. The stoner-psychedelic rock vibe makes the musical movement from Barquisimeto to remain fresh, and it’s easy to keep them on repeat thanks to their incredible improvisations.

Niño Nuclear

Niño Nuclear were the great winners of the Festival Nuevas Bandas on its 2014 edition. This space and indie rock band brings an amazing vibe to the musical movement of Barquisimeto; their talent is not only loved in our country but also outside our borders, since these guaros have made a few performances in Bogotá and Santa María, Colombia. Their second record production, Re&Sol Abierto, was released on 2015 and it’s available on SoundCloud, so don’t hesitate to give it a try.

Our beloved Barquisimeto is a land of crazy talented people, and you can find them in the places you’ve never think of, you just have to take a listen to that friend who plays the guitar, or attend to a concert of the Conservatorio de Barquisimeto and you’ll know what we mean. For now, we’ll keep on listening to the sounds of Barquisimeto, and we’re hoping to celebrate with you between others talented guaros at the 1st Visual Arts Exhibition Yo Amo Barquisimeto on Friday.

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