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Learn to Dance Tango With La Vida Suena!

Naturally, human beings express themselves through their feelings, from the use of the embrace where two bodies are found, which is linked to protection, tenderness, connection, and sensuality.

The tango allows that embrace, which is wrapped in an aura full of rhythm and creativity when moving to the sound of a seductive music. Tango is breathed, felt, and transmitted. It’s, in few words, seeing the dance feelings.

To dance tango, all you need is to practice, and the guys of La Vida Suena want to bring this passionate dance to everyone who wants to take it in and live it.

The workshop is oriented to all those people who want to feel free through this Argentine dance that evokes sensual and romantic rhythms. It has a duration of 12 academic hours; classes will be held on Sundays, starting on October 8, from 3 to 5 p.m., so it will be throughout the month. It’s not necessary to take a partner to the classes.

The only thing you need to attend is the desire to give love, to embrace, to walk and to be willing to learn. Meet more people through this approach to the arts. You can contact the organizers Gabriela Gómez or Jesús Vásquez through the social networks as @gabyomez, and @percucello and they will give you all the details to start right away.

Remember that at Yo Amo Bqto you can get information about the best events, those that will make you vibrate, and discover that there is so much to do in the city. Remember that we are your allies to explore.


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