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“Las Señoras de Maracaibo” moves to Barquisimeto

The theatrical piece that shows the emblematic Zulian idiosyncrasy arrives at Barquisimeto. Humor, sympathy, and charm will spread on the Teatro Juares’ scenario, on the upcoming September 30th at 7 p.m.

We are talking about the theatrical phenomenon “Las Señoras de Maracaibo,” directed by Richard Olivares. It shows the occurrences of typical women from Zulia, represented in a histrionic way through monologues that demonstrate the culture of formerly women.

The staging talks about feminism, the city, the struggle, the traditions and its chronic life. It is interpreted by Ricardo Lugo (Dalia), Henry Semprún (Marucha), Luis Vargas (The Mystic Muse), Carlos Guevara (Guillermina) and José Molero (The Contreras Chinese).

This work, which has more than 9 years of artistic trajectory at a regional level, wants to show to all Barquisimetans, an alternative way of seeing the Venezuelan culture: friendly, chatty, kindly and attentive.

All of this with the purpose to understand us and make an introspective journey through humor.

To make a reservation, you can visit the website www.ticketmundo.com, or follow them on their social media as @ticketmundo_ve. To get more information about events that will make you have fun for sure, we are on social media as @Yoamobqto.

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