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Juguetes Inteligentes: Learning through Art and Science

Juguetes Inteligentes

The love for teaching in a different way makes possible the art of toy-making.

We often say no to everything that we find different, we don’t want to change the recipe of something because “it’s okay the way it is,” or maybe we don’t want to try a new way of doing something because “it’s too risky, it’s fine how it is,” sounds familiar? Change can be scary; however, we’re lucky to find adventurous people who inspire us to create new things and say welcome to the extraordinary things.

Our Twilight City is amazing, but we can always be better. And Juguetes Inteligentes is here to help with that.


Not Just a Piece of Wood

During a school exchange, Humberto Barazarte experienced one of the best things in his life: he learned the art of wood carving, and it was instant love. Since then, he didn’t dream of getting a bicycle for Christmas; instead, he wanted a wood lathe or a saw so could continue the woodworking; he didn’t know it would become his favorite hobby, and what was going to come out of it.

Life took Humberto on the path of engineering, and thanks to his knowledge, five years ago, he managed to combine his love for science with his childhood love, wood carving, and so Juguetes Inteligentes was born. It didn’t take long for Barazarte to get the name of the Master Toy Maker, although his toys are not ordinary ones, those you can find anywhere.


Looking for a Change

Barquisimeto Juguetes

You don’t know what fun is until you meet Juguetes Inteligentes!

Juguetes Inteligentes is not just a toy-shop, but a whole organization with a philosophy that seeks to change the educational system, which has stayed the same for over 50 years. The organization wants to teach the basic sciences such as physics, maths, mechanics and more through wooden automatons and different toys. Can you imagine learning through this method when you were in school? Kids could get a whole different point of view, and I’m sure that great things could be created thanks to it.

We’re stuck in a world that needs more creativity; we need to learn to create, not just to use something. Juguetes Inteligentes knew this and inspired by the European-method of STEM teaching, they decided it must be applied here. Since then, Barquisimeto is honored to have the chance of giving kids a new way to discover life. Barazarte sees his automatons like the human brain itself: downwards, you’ve got the left hemisphere, with your logical side, the works of the toy: the pulleys, the gears. But if you see the top, you can see the artistic side: the human part of the toy, and you got there your right hemisphere.


When you’re able to criticize yourself,

you have the ability to reinvent yourself.

-Humberto Barazarte


If you carefully think about it, it is amazing how they can teach you to see through the eyes of science; and please, forget that idea that “toys are just for kids” because everybody has the right to have fun and learn. Juguetes Inteligentes seeks to enchant from the smallest of the house to the not-so-young ones, a way in which grandparents and grandchildren can connect along the beauty of toy-making.

If you already feel curious about the world of Juguetes Inteligentes, don’t hesitate to ask them about the workshop ¿Y si hacemos un juguete? Where you’ll learn more about this amazing organization, and all the possibilities of science and art, along with the Master Toy Maker himself. We all have creative intelligence in us, but we have to let it out and build it every day.

Yo Amo Barquisimeto is always amazed by the talent that our people have, and the incredible things we can find in Barquisimeto. We invite you to give a chance to the magic of automats, and to the wonderful world of Juguetes Inteligentes. Although, we warn you: automatons have just one little detail, they can be addictive, but you’ll have tons of fun learning.


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