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“How to Tell Pending Stories (and Why?)” by Willy McKey, from Yo Amo BQTO’s Point of View

Foto: @pasedeprensaBOD

It’s been 8 months since we started to show you this beautiful city from a tourist and cultural point of view. We have worked hard to scrutinize the corners of Barquisimeto, to highlight our traditions and, especially, to show you stories you didn’t know.

We are a small team in number, but as far as dedication and passion for this project, the infinity of the twilight sky wouldn’t be enough to measure out commitment with Barquisimeto.

What is this article about? We simply want to tell you about the experience our reporter Tiffany Aguirre, together with this server, was able to live on Friday, September 15 and Saturday, September 16.

A few weeks ago, the project of the Banco Occidental de Descuento (Occidental Bank of Discount), @pasedeprensa, opened the applications for the workshop “How to tell pending stories (and why?)” dictated by the editor and reporter from Caracas: Willy McKey. We dared to postulate to the workshop, and it was by an email that we received the excellent news of being selected.

Why taking the time to tell you this?

Between Friday and Saturday, we focused our goals and increased creativity regarding the content we are showing in this magazine. We want to give you the best experiences while you read us; we want you to live Barquisimeto through these words. So that everyone who doesn’t belong to this city, the one who has come and wants to return, and especially you, who like us and live in the Musical Capital feel the need to know more about it. We want you to accept the commitment to the city, regardless of the circumstance, and to encourage the best of our culture in every citizen.

How to tell stories (and why)? At Yo Amo Barquisimeto, we are committed to that: to narrate the experience of a place in the city, to introduce you talented people that you don’t know. At any time, that story that is told could be yours.

Thanks to the experience of a two-day workshop, we are much more sure of our MEANING: where we want to take this city and how we should continue to present it.

As I’m speaking from my experience, I would also like to present the point of view of Tiff, who has been accompanying us in the project for about 5 months:

“For me, this workshop taught me to understand in a better way the cultural source, not only from the journalistic point of view, which is my daily work in Yo Amo Bqto, but when making a particular approach to each topic. All this in order to differentiate ourselves as a medium that takes the culture, the arts, and tourism seriously, respecting them as what they are: historical, experience-based and documented heritage.

Another thing that taught me the workshop was to create a style of writing, which gives to the magazine its particular character. In less than a year has made it known as a medium as innovative as literate, full of irreverent, young, creative people, but with enough criteria to handle issues of deep research, and to be a bridge that communicates the Guaros with their history.

On behalf of Yo Amo Barquisimeto, we thank @pasedeprensa and @medianalisis for betting on cultural journalism and its education. We recommend everyone who is interested in a workshop to live the #PaseDePrensa (#PressPass) experience to continue growing in this environment and in this country that still has so much to give.

It has been a pleasure to write you about this experience, which gets us closer to each one of you, and that allows us to create an evolutionary change for our magazine. We are all culture, and Barquisimeto connects us. For this and you, we say “I love Barquisimeto! Na’guará! What a feeling!”.

Says goodbye until the next opportunity,

Arlett Tovar

Editor – Yo Amo Bqto.

Photo: @pasedeprensabod

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