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Heaven on Earth: La Gloria

La Gloria Restaurant

Good food and nice music; this restaurant makes sure you have the best time.

Welcome to La Cochina Gloria! We must warn you, this may not be the heaven you’ve pictured, because this one is even better: there’s pork! It’s possible you’re not ready for the divine experience you’re about to have. First, leave all shames behind; you’re about to enter a one of a kind heavenly place; there is no shame here, no regrets, no judgments. We are in La Gloria, the pork house of Barquisimeto.

Stairway to La Gloria

Bring along a friend and sit on the bar, ask for a couple of Ajisicun, a drink made with ají dulce Rosita, right from our Larenses lands; then, let the deliciousness of the drink make way for the appetizers, those will be your first steps on the stairs to get into La Gloria. If you’re craving Arepitas con Chicharrón, they have it, along with grilled cheese and cheese cream; perhaps a Carpaccio de Lomo Prensado to share, or is it Empanadas de Pabellón what you want? No, this isn’t a dream, it’s real, and it’s just the warm-up.

Take the menu and pick what you crave the most, but don’t worry! There are no wrong choices, every dish is even more delicious than the other. You’ll know what true glory is as soon as the tray arrives. Whether it’s a Cachapa a la manera de La Gloria or a Prime Rib de Cerdo, just seeing it will have you drooling the plate (Or at least I was!). Perhaps you’ll fall in love with the Pernil Horneado and Pulled Pork Sandwiches, or you’ll get addicted to La Gloria’s Criollito.

The hidden jewels of the Venezuelan food can be found in La Gloria, because the greatest part about the exquisite dishes served here, is that every product comes straight from our homeland.

Glorious Weekends

On Fridays and Saturdays, La Gloria is the place to be. The gastronomic journey can only get better if there’s live music playing. So every weekend you’ll find talented Venezuelan musicians performing at the restaurant. One of La Gloria commandments is: you can’t miss them! What else could we ask for? A dreamy dinner + great music = happiness.

La Gloria Restaurant

Be delighted with all the pork dishes La Gloria has for you.


Love What’s Yours

La Gloria and its chef, Pedro Escalona, not only expects you to love every bite of your plate, but also to take a moment and think of how amazing our gastronomy is. What you’re eating is just as great as the food you can find in any other country, not because it is made here means it’s bad, or that it has to be excessively cheap. Let’s start thinking we are just as magnifique as a high-level French restaurant, because we can, and we are.

The restaurant seeks for you to be delighted and fall in love with our roots, our Venezuelan flavors. This is not a place to be ashamed of our culture, but to celebrate who we are and where we come from; we can only take our flag with us anywhere we go in this world, and we can’t pretend we’re something we’re not.

Don’t be afraid to give pork a chance, and to give Venezuelan food a try. What a great thing it is to feel that you belong somewhere, and be proud of it. Yo Amo Barquisimeto looks for the good things that keep happening in our Twilight City, we take pride in what we are, and we want you to do the same. Let’s make the best of our beautiful culture and gastronomy starting today! So when shall we go to a La Gloria jamming session?


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