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Happy Birthday, Barquisimeto! Explore The City in Two Periods. Part I
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Happy Birthday, Barquisimeto! Explore the City in Two Periods. Part II

“Es cierto que se pueden establecer esas búsquedas en internet, e incluso hallar fotografías de época, pero la documentación puede estar mal y los vacíos históricos son enormes. Entonces, nuestra labor es eliminar, hasta donde podamos, esos baches”

Barquisimeto in modern times

To contrast with the bucolic spark of Carlos Guerra, we spoke with Evelyn Rodríguez, a young graduate of Arts who is deeply in love of Barquisimeto. As President of Barquisimeto 2.0, member of the Casco Histórico Foundation and the Camposanto de Lara Foundation, she explains the projections that the city can have regarding culture and preservation of historical heritage.

We start talking about her latest project, called Barquisimeto 2.0, which is nothing more than the approach between these digital platforms and the old city, to give it a chronological character and to glimpse the historical information gaps that may exist.

“It’s true that you can set those searches on the internet, and even find period photographs, but the documentation may be wrong and the historical gaps are huge. So our job is to eliminate, as far as we can, those bumps

In Rodríguez words: “This is a cultural community; we take care of the dissemination of the cultural management of the city’s heritage. Our photographs are those that represent history.”
The differentiating element that this social network management has is the historical and reflective message that its creators grant to each photograph, and that’s understood as a piece of Guaro history that is worth remembering.

In addition, it has the purpose of enabling policies to tackle all current issues in this perspective. “We have taken care of publishing, using mainly Instagram because we are very visual, alternating old graphics, but combining it with the contemporary,” explains the expert in the arts.

The use of the account also has a very determined mission with the citizens: to take ownership of the spaces that previous generations left for the enjoyment of the present times, but that need maintenance and preservation. “This is the time to rescue what is our, especially social values,” says Evelyn.

Rodríguez appeals to the appropriation of the spaces, not to leave them static and to boost them with human presence and warmth. “Although we don’t have the power to rebuild the spaces because we are a non-profit foundation, we acquire a connotation of criticism and invitation to spend time in the places that were made to be enjoyed.”

This generation is characterized by the use of digital resources for all daily chores that go from entertainment to work. Rodríguez explains: “It’s true that these searches can be established on the internet, and even find epochal photographs, but the documentation could be wrong, and the historical gaps are enormous. So our job is to eliminate, as far as we can, those bumps.”

This girl, along with a young executive train, wants to begin with the citizens’ education, arguing that education can make great social changes and modify the way people think. The team wants to hold conferences and workshops in educational institutions of different levels, through self-management.

Museumization of Barquisimeto

Rodríguez defines it as “a vision of connection, where you can have a global understanding of the fine arts. We can take as a core the museum, the center of all the cultures of a region, and take a great step forward to incorporate it into the urban.”

The purpose is to revalue the heritage buildings, to study them under parameters already established, with categorizations that will be published as the project is completed.

Through informative museographic devices, the licentiate wants to inform the community about these spaces that must be preserved, but in an updated and attractive way with the implementation of QR codes as an information channel, which will be integrated into the heritage identification cards. “We are not just a brochure; we are a project of complete information verified by real sources,” she says.

To conclude, this pair of characters (Guerra and Rodríguez), which uniquely complement each other, emphasized that it’s necessary to rescue the city and that enforcing the citizens’ rights is everyone’s job.

Without a doubt, Barquisimeto is a city that deserves a special article. This is the city of the most picturesque figures walking through the streets, of the romantic serenades, of stunning parties and the most beautiful twilights in Latin America. Likewise, it’s the most photographed city in Venezuela.

Today, on its birthday, at Yo Amo Bqto we wish Barquisimeto the greatest blessings, and may the Divina Pastora envelop the city and each of its noble inhabitants with its mantle. May happiness and prosperity fill every one of its streets and buildings, and every Guaro feel in their chest the happiness and privilege of living here.

Today is a day to walk slowly, to fall in love with its skies and say “Na’guará, what a feeling!”


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