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Guaros of the Week: Rocío and Willfrank

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Rocío and Willfrank were the proud third prize winners of YAB's Visual Arts Exhibition, thanks to their work "50 años – tren Barquisimeto Puerto Cabello."

It is funny to think about how much joy something can bring into your life, how it can change everything. When talking to an artist, you instantly know the power that art has in their lives; the way they talk about it is inspiring, and the connection they have with it can be indescribable. After YAB’s Visual Arts Exhibition, we got the chance to meet some incredible people that fit this description, and as believers and supporters of culture, we thought it was time to introduce this couple: Rocío Florido and Willfrank Pimentel.


For Rocío, art has always been a way of life: since she was a little girl, she got involved in dance and theater; at home, she was surrounded with music, paintings collections, and antiques. All those things influenced Rocío and made her turn into the talented and sensitive woman that she is now. As for Willfrank, he was also inspired from a young age. Thanks to his grandparents and his mother, a local school’s handicrafts teacher. The loss of his mother when he was eight years old, did not stop him from chasing his dreams, and for years he has studied music, ecology, and martial arts.


It does not come as a surprise that art was the thing that got this couple together. Rocío had begun her project on 2014; she wanted to create harmony through mandalas. On March of 2015, while Rocío was working in the creation of mandalas at El Manzano, she met Willfrank, who was instantly captivated by her work and offered to help her with her creations. After a while, they decided to study everything about sacred geometry, and other quantum and bioenergetic considerations, for the growth of their mandalas.


And so, united by art and love, they started their joint project Ecoartesanía Geométrica RW on 2017. Soon, their work was being delivered to all the corners of our country and even beyond our borders. But, life keeps moving, we all keep changing, and so Rocío and Willfrank decided to change the name of their project to Musaico RW, inspired by the mosaic’s muses. Everything they do comes from and with inspiration, and they wanted to have that reflected in the new name.


Handcrafted art Barquisimeto


Rocío and Willfrank are perhaps a reflection of what they create, or as people like to say: art imitates life. They used to be amazed when they agreed on decisions such as colors or textures, but they realized that it was just balance, the synchronicity of their perceptions. After all, that is exactly what the mandalas are about: a representation of complete and perfect balance and harmony.



Through their art, they hope to fill the spectators’ spirit with a breath of energy that allows them to synthesize their experiences and yearnings harmonically. Our beloved Barquisimeto inspires them, from its wonderful sunsets to the beauty that comes with its sunrises, which Willfrank photographs passionately. These artists find energy and joy in the colors and the shapes of the clouds, and enchantment in the sky and twilights.


The couple hopes to create mandalas in public spaces, where they can be observed by as many people as possible; they seek to playfully share with children the way they can use a mandala to express themselves. As for Yo Amo Barquisimeto, we hope for Rocío and Willfrank to keep creating their wonderful mandalas, and to keep sending harmony, protection, and healing through their art.


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