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Guaro of the Week: Ruth Pereira, Flute

She's a talented young musician who takes the Guaro pride to the world.


In the heart of Barquisimeto, there’s always something blooming. A talent rises and shines across the town, which marks the spot on the bright sky filled with talented stars that leave the city and the country to represent it wherever they go with more than just skills, but soul and wistfulness, wishing to participate and make an impact in the way they are perceived. Today we’ll be talking with one of those kind souls, a person that, from an early age, knew how the power of music lived in her life. She is Ruth Pereira Medina, a Guara born in Barquisimeto that shines brighter than ever in the musical sky of the world.

Starting at age 7 at the “Vicente Emilio Sojo” Conservatory, Ruth knew that her passion was in the flute. Later on, her participation on an international Orchestra event made her cement the passion that would carry her throughout her life and that would impulse her experiences in the modern musical stages. During that experience, she knew the master, Victor Hugo Rojas, who took her under his wing and polished the innate talent that the young woman had. A great admirer of Manuel Rangel, a humble and devoted musician, she wanted to be part of the expression of Venezuelan musical heritage across the globe, along with many other talented musicians, such as Simón Díaz and José Antonio “Toñito” Naranjo, who were so proud to show the heritage beyond this country frontiers. Among the many memories that Ruth holds in her heart, there’s the concert that she gave along with her master Mario Caroli to do charity work for her cousin Emily who’s patient with Juvenile Myelodysplasia. The second one is where she stood as a soloist at only 17 years old for the Lara Symphony Orchestra. The piece, André Jolivet Concerto is known for its complexity, which requires dedication and practice to get it perfectly, and Ruth devoted to it until she performed, gaining praise and feeling accomplished.

Her eyes were set higher and she wanted to participate in international events that would carry her through the life in the musical world. Later, she decided to travel to Paris to audition for the Normal School of Music “Alfred Cotort”. In there, she learned and acquired a scholarship over performance and dedication. As her current projects go, she’ especially proud of being part of the ensemble “Ensemble Encuentros” that counts on other talented musicians who want to show the unique music of the world in their presentations. With the pianist, Jitka Štêrbáková, clarinet Yuka Togashi and Ruth in the flute, they version and play traditional sounds of various cultural backgrounds, in order to show a different face of music.

For Ruth, the positivity is the biggest message she can get across to her fellow countrymen. “We can not give up now!”, she said with a smile. For her, the union and the faith are the key components to the growth and enrichment of every single part of the cultural and social heritage of Venezuela; and she wants to see her work done from the inside out to show the world the unmatched talent that lies behind the faces of every Venezuelan inside and outside the country. For her, work and dedication are the main factors for her success, and she loves to remember her home in Barquisimeto with fond love. Along with that, her other favorite spots are the town of Santa Rosa and the “Vicente Emilio Sojo” Conservatory, that saw her grow spiritually and professionally.

Here, at YoAmoBQTO.com, we want to show you how Guaros across the world are making a difference and representing the country and land that saw them grow and experience the first contacts with their passions. Remember that you can nominate a new member for our articles in the comments, or in our social media profiles. The City of Twilights is waiting for you to know all the talent that rises and shines across with devotion and passion, so make sure to check out our other articles!

Music is universal, and you can see how people across the globe appreciate this talented young woman.


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