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Guaro of the Week: Rodolfo Pimentel

Among the visual pleasures of the artistic world, certain things capture the attention of viewers. Images that generate appeal, that transmit and evoke feelings and memories. Photography is the land of these amazing creations; it makes people connect in a unique way and captures instants by skilled people behind lenses. One of such figures in Barquisimeto is Rodolfo Pimentel, photographer and, above all, active member of the artistic community of the Twilight City.

One of the things that make Rodolfo a renewed photographer is his ability to produce and capture moments that can take casual onlookers through the second they were captured. Rodolfo doesn’t hold anything back: he’s not only a photographer, but he’s also constantly teaching and participating in activities to potentiate the known talents of the city. He believes in Barquisimeto and Lara in general, as such, the pictures he makes are directly related to the Guaro land: cultural and pagan expressions of the idiosyncrasy. These elements, along with traditional celebrations and memorials, and the classical twilight pictures, are part of what he showcases to every person that wants to know Barquisimeto.

But more than a photographer, Rodolfo is a pure Guaro: he’s always looking for new ways to show the city through pictures. He loves to take the city by foot, enjoying all the natural spaces that the land provides. These, more than spaces, are sources of inspiration for him and help his eye frame events and colors beforehand to create perfect pictures that represent Barquisimeto in the most unsuspecting ways. As far as a message goes, he said brightly: “We have to fight for our country, to make the situation change”. And he’s more than willing to put his own effort into the growth of Venezuela through his art.

Here at YoAmoBQTO.com we want to show you the city from a different perspective. And for you, knowing the rutilant figures that show Barquisimeto in a variety of ways through this website is the best alternative. What’s better about it? You can collaborate with us! Show us your take on Barquisimeto using the hashtag #YoAmoBQTO and be a part of our community!

Rodolfo is a pure Guaro: he’s always looking for new ways to show the city through pictures.

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