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Guaro of The Week: Karem Castellanos

The guaro of this week is a coach with great ideas and clear objectives. With her company Progresarte, Karem Castellanos seeks to generate movements and actions that can help the growth and development of Barquisimeto and its people. In a way, Karem is a change agent that must be recognized and known by everyone in the country. Do you want to know why this Guara by birth, heart, and conviction is having so much impact on the Barquisimetan public? YoAmoBQTO.com tells you everything down below.

Karem as a mother and coach

For Karem, an essential aspect of her life is being the mother of an 8-year-old boy named Jesús Daniel. When asked what the importance of being a mother is, she answers with an analogy in which her son represents the best piece of cake, that middle round (distribution of a Venezuelan birthday cake.)

However, it represents precisely that piece so that it does not have to be the complete cake. That i, the entire world of maternity. That for Karem is a very heavy cross to give a son because when the time to fly from the nest comes for him, it will be challenging for her mother to let him go.

Her son is her center, but the other pieces are also important. Each one, with its size of importance, represents other aspects of her life such as her relationships, husband, and work. The communication between Karem and his son is entirely open, with 8 years old he is a very active child who asks questions such as: “Mom, what do you and my dad have to do to give me the brother I want?” Jesús Daniel is very focused and energetic, with a great understanding capacity and is the one who often keeps her down to earth.

With a child so active and with so many occurrences, Coach Karem decided to open an Instagram account, @leccionesinfantiles, to talk more deeply about her experience as the mother of Jesús Daniel. If you want to know more about her and her life as a coach and mother you can also access through that account.

Personal life and coaching

For her this represents a personal diatribe since it is not easy to leave coaching aside and separate both areas. Sometimes she looks for advice, but when she speaks about the problem with someone, Karem recognizes that she is answering to herself again. In the same way, her circle of friends also realizes that. The fact that she is sometimes more coach than a friend, although in some cases that is exactly what they need from her.

In spite of everything, at this moment she feels satisfied with who she is and what she has done. Karem is a very receptive woman who cares about living her present.

Venezuela for Karem

Venezuela as a country is a gift of the Christ Child. It is a treasure, an extraordinary territory, but our lack of self-respect and self-esteem is what has not allowed us to move forward. Everyone wants everything already done, and corruption is allowed. Currently, a lot of Venezuelans complain about a situation that has been allowed before. For Karem, Venezuela is a gift that God gave her so that she could work on it from her perspective and her area of action.

Barquisimeto and her favorite place

A favorite place of Venezuela and Barquisimeto for Karem Castellanos is the Manto de María Monument (Mary’s Mantle Monument). From the car to the top is a long way, but it’s worth the experience. From the mantle’s height, you can see an extraordinary city full of great architecture, which is also represented in this monument to the Divina Pastora. There she realizes that we are capable of doing great things and that Barquisimeto is beautiful. It makes her reflect on the city life and what she aims for Barquisimeto and Venezuela, and on her decision to remain in this territory.

It is clear that Karem is committed to Venezuela and to the ability of many people to face adverse situations. This point is demonstrated when she talks about the new lead characters in her conference “Is Disney’s fault”, which specifies that the Venezuelan dance happily during the adversity, not after the adversity, which is exactly what happens in the fairy tales. Adversity is faced and lived, and that is also what she does every day.

Her steps can be followed through her social networks (@progress, @karemlacoach) where you will learn more about the world of coaching from an interesting perspective. With her, your vision about her work will change, and you will learn to respect the training as a coach. Since from Karem Castellanos’ perspective, people must be educated. Not everyone can be a coach, the training is always needed. The talent is there, but it has to be taught.

Likewise, YoAmoBQTO.com invites you to keep track of this talented and optimistic Guara, who in 2018 is launching her first book entitled “Progresar es un Arte” (Progressing is an art). Do not miss this and more big news! Follow YoAmoBQTO.com through their networks and find out everything the City of Twilights has for you.


Karem is a coach that seeks the improvement of people’s action capabilities.


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