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Guaro of the Week: Jesús Somaza

Meet the Guaro who's catching everyone's eyes in Barquisimeto.

Despite the variety of interesting places you can visit in Barquisimeto, people are the main attraction of the city. Guaros are passionate, proud, and kind people who will not hesitate to give you a hand if you need it. Part of their charm is their creativity, the people of this city always find the most innovative ways to stand out and accomplish their goals. One of the current talents in the city is Jesús Somaza. Even Though he’s not Guaro by birth, he loves and represents Barquisimeto like any other native.

Jesús Somaza is the head of Imi Producciones, a successful production company in the city. He could be described as a determined and persistent person, which is a case in point of discipline and hard work. The story of his success starts with the word failure; for him that’s the beginning of every story. Failure is an incentive to be better and make twice the effort; it allows you to create new ideas and find different ways to accomplish your goals. This temporal lack of success is just another way to grow personally and professionally.

Currently, he’s a successful event producer but his beginnings weren’t so promising. He saw himself as a “rebel without a cause”. He just wasn’t passionate about anything. Somaza dabbled in several work fields: he was a professional poker player, he played other types of card games, such as Magic, while working for his father, but he couldn’t find himself there. Finally, he started working as an event producer with his friends and realized that this job could be his “thing”.

Now, after preparing himself and working hard, he’s considered one of the most important producers in Barquisimeto, and his company has already worked with Luis Chataing. Nowadays, he has done many workshops and projects like “Humor Emprendedor” (Entrepreneurial humor) and “Sumando Ando”.

With all these projects, Jesús Somaza has managed to get the attention of Guaros. He usually receives very good energies from the public. Guaros are willing to get involved in the events and this is what he likes the most about Barquisimeto and its people. When he talks about the city he can’t stop thinking about just one favorite place, as long as he can spend a quality time with his friends and family; that place qualifies as one of the best of Barquisimeto.

Here at YoAmoBQTO.com, we see Jesús Somaza as an example of determination. For him, Guaros and Venezuelans should insist, persist, resist and never give up. We need to believe that change is possible. In order to have a better future, we need to work hard and stop being indifferent.

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