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Guaro of the Week: Héctor Martínez

Music Barquisimeto

Music is the vehicle to have fun, live, learn and of course: to keep the pachanga going.

It’s both funny and curious the way music shapes us. We’re not just the soundtrack we listen to; we’re what our parents, grandparents, friends, and neighbors hear from time to time, even if it sounds like something we don’t like. Life gives us a unique playlist: there are no two alike, and there won’t be, because the experiences are the ones adding more and more entries to it.

This time, it was Héctor Martínez who shared a bit of the soundtrack that plays in his life.

As if it were the most beautiful and valuable legacy, it was his family who taught him the love for this art. The first gift he remembers having had as a child was a recorder, which he still has, and when he was eight years old he was introduced to the cuatro; a love that is still strong today. Little did they know then that this little boy would amaze them all.

The playlist of Héctor’s life begins in La Mora, where he had a mix of salsa, punk, ska, reggae and hip hop. In the following tracks, he listens to the folklore that his grandmother presented him, and although he doesn’t consider himself a good cuatro player, he maintains and nourishes his rock side with this little piece of his family and his roots; every little thing defined who he is.

He was never looking for a perfect voice or sound. It’s his passion for music and his soul that makes him stand out. This is what makes us dance with each song.

It was in the Ateneo of Barquisimeto where he started as a rock musician; where he rehearsed until dawn. It became one of the unique places for him in the city. With his first band, Circo Urbano, he repeated in a square with a bongo, guitar, and drums; creating music between the city’s streets.

For Caseroloops, he gave everyone an EP he had recorded with Orlando Barranco between different places in Barquisimeto. Each story was a new narrative to turn into lyrics, and sensations to turn into melody. For an artist, those are the most valuable moments.

Now, Héctor takes his music a little further than the streets of his city; but always with the same soul as if he were rehearsing in “El Ateneo” once again. And from here, we keep on dancing and singing to his songs at every chance we have.


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