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Guaro of the Week: Guarapo Simple

Guarapo Simple Art

Guarapo Simple was an invited artist at YAB's Visual Arts Exhibition that with his works brought the guaro roots to people's minds.

The life of David González can be described with color palettes. The warm tones of his childhood, with the most vibrant and brilliant of his youth, led him to turn the every day into fascinating creations, garbage into artworks, and a little boy from Pavia into the artist we now know as Guarapo Simple.


Guarapo Simple enjoys to have a genuine life, and the same thing happens with his art; in some way, art and life may not be so different, or at least, in David’s case, you even find his shouts of expression in his way to dress, speak and being. In the morning of August 26th, the YAB Home welcomed David, his beloved Flordimar and La Catrina, his always faithful car, to share with us his life, art, colors, and experiences that life has given him to remain surrounded by art.


While we live to write stories, sometimes is better to listen to the ones that have had them. YAB Talk is proud to introduce you to An hour with Guarapo Simple; so grab some coffee, sit down and let’s talk about art.





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