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Guara of the Week: María Gabriela Querales

María Gabriela Querales

The Musical City and YAB are proud to introduce amazing and talented Guaras as María Gabriela Querales.

When you carefully explore the sounds of Barquisimeto, there’s no doubt that you will find Guaros ready to blow your mind with their talent. From a guitar chord to a calm and beautiful voice, or to the sounds of a symphony orchestra performing, our Guaros make magic with their music. And one more time, Yo Amo Barquisimeto is here to remind you why we’re known as the Musical City -just in case you ever doubt it-, so let us tell you the story of María Gabriela Querales and her flute.


There’s no wonder how María Gabriela grew up to love music since the Venezuelan music was always present in her childhood; the sounds of a joropo or a merengue fascinate her, and she doesn’t doubt to add a Simón Díaz or Alirio Díaz song to her daily playlist. As for the flute, her first impression of it is still marked in her mind, it was at the age of three, when she saw Huáscar Barradas playing the flute on TV; amazed, she asked her mom what was it that he was playing, without her knowing, that was the beginning of a life full of harmonies.


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Now through her social media, María Gabriela shares her talent with the world, showing covers from her favorite Venezuelan and international songs.

At 4 years old, María Gabriela began her studies at the Conservatorio Vicente Emilio Sojos of Barquisimeto, in the Musical Initiation Program. Sooner than later, the passion she felt for this art took her to become part of amazing projects such as the Orchestra Pequeños Mozart as a choral singer, sharing also the love for the flute, which leads her to participate in festivals and events.

After great years of musical studying in the Twilight City, filling our air with beautiful sounds, it was time for María Gabriela to explore a new city. Caracas was a new chance to fall in love all over again with the flute, and so she did, with a little help from her communication studies at Universidad Central de Venezuela and the Conservatorio Simón Bolívar. It came as a surprise to her how she ended up mixing two things that seemed so different, but quickly she realized the amazing new things she could do.


After asking herself how could she help to show the precious talents of our Venezuelan music to the people that judge it without giving it a chance, she decided to use her own talent, and new skills learned to change this. Soon, her YouTube channel and Instagram account were not only filled with beautiful covers of the latest hits, but she also recorded covers of her favorite Venezuelan songs. She’s not looking to become the next viral video, María Gabriela makes her music covers from her heart, to prove the amazingness of our Venezuelan roots that people could be missing.


For María Gabriela, her musical journey is just starting. She always has a new musical piece to try for her videos or for herself, and she looks to keep practicing on her Yamaha 221, to keep practicing on her voice, to learn new things, instruments and do new projects, and of course, she hopes for her talent to take her to amazing places to keep her musical studies going. As for Yo Amo Barquisimeto, we hope you let yourself enjoy the talent of this Guara, and discover through her the wonderful sounds of our Venezuelan and Larenses roots.


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