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Guara of the Week: Liseth Castillo

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Discover the colors and art of Liseth Castillo, the winning artist of our 1st Visual Arts Exhibition.

We can’t hide the fact that Barquisimeto is filled with hundreds of dreamers, all ready to surprise us with their talent. We can’t hide the amazing abilities and works from the Twilight City, whether it’s a new song from a band or a new piece of art by an artist. We are here to let the world know what our city can do, and what we make from it; so once our passions call, we can’t sit around waiting for something to just happen. We must show what we’re able to do. YAB’s 1st Visual Arts Exhibition wanted to do that, to shout the world that Barquisimeto’s art movement is still present, and it’s not going anywhere.


We are proud to introduce you to not only the winner of our Visual Arts Exhibition, but also our Guara of the Week: Liseth Castillo.


“I want to be a painter”

As a child, fun for Liseth meant that she could draw and paint for hours; she wasn’t looking to run around with other kids, she just wanted to give colors to blank pages. During her childhood and teenage years, she learned the basics of painting and drawing in her hometown Ojo de Agua,  and she soon realized what she wanted to be: a painter.


And so, Liseth arrived in Barquisimeto to follow her dream, the little girl from Ojo de Agua was ready to keep learning more about the arts. The Decanato de Humanidades y Artes de la UCLA and the Escuela de Artes Plásticas Martín Tovar y Tovar were an important part in her years as a student; they now hold memories in Liseth’s mind of her firsts encounters with new types of art, of exploring new techniques, and the discovery of herself as an artist.


Plastic artists Barquisimeto

The Guaros keep bringing color to the Twilight City through their works of art.

Traveling every day from Ojo de Agua to Barquisimeto to keep her studies going wasn’t the easiest thing on the world, but it made Liseth fall in love all over again with her land. The journey made her have new experiences; she often found herself thinking about what she wanted to paint, what was going to be the next step – that’s how she ended up mixing the two things that she liked as a kid: painting and sewing. She understood it was okay to let herself grow as an artist, to not be afraid of what people could think, and began to explore the textile art.


Art fulfills Liseth to the point she wouldn’t need anything else in her life because that’s what it means for her: life. Castillo’s art is about the love she has for her hometown, for nature, for her everyday life; she hopes to spread this feeling with as many people as she can – therefore, she’s made a few workshops for little kids, to teach them to be brave and learn to express who they are through art.


For Liseth, Barquisimeto means a great part of her life, and places like the Museo de Barquisimeto will always be in her heart, the kind of places where we can take a break from everything and connect with someone else’s work. From us, there’s nothing else to say except that it makes us proud to have such amazing talents as Liseth Castillo in our beloved city; the love for art keeps moving this Guara to give the best she can through her works of art, and we hope to keep being amazed by her growth as an artist.


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