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Guara of the week: Kelly Pacheco

Kelly Pacheco Poetry

The social inequality, ethnic shame, the lack of women's participation in spaces of power, the rights of Mother Earth, and love are the things that make Kelly Pacheco keep writing her heart out.

In a world where fear is common, we have to learn how to face it. Some can find bravery by painting a blank canvas and leaving all their emotions out through colors and expressions; others dance their troubles away, and others, like Kelly Pachecho, write until their souls find peace.


For Kelly, literature saved her. She has always been a fighter for freedom, and although her father loved her very much, such a thing didn’t fit into his conservative beliefs; through art, she found her place, her scape during those times. She discovered a world where she was accepted with her right amount of light and darkness and learned to set free any frustrations she got inside. Writing became her best weapon.


The first books she read were Juan Salvador Gavieta and El Enano by Par Lavguerkei; she felt completely captivated by them. At nine years old, she was already writing her own work, and she participated in different poetry workshops. These were an oasis for her soul, and with every new thing she discovered, she wanted to learn more. She wanted to express what surrounded her every day, the inspiration that comes to her to disturb her soul and consciousness until it’s out.


Kelly feels she’s making justice along all those women of culture, mothers, and sisters that people barely talk about. She wants to make a change to break all those judgments about women and their bodies; talking about herself as a sensual being is her way to show there should not be tabus around this subject.


Culture Barquisimeto

Kelly reinterprets the images of her reality and translates them into words for her works.


Being a female voice in literature has had a huge impact on her life. Through her poems, stories, and essays she expresses that she is not just an object to look at, or a product on sale, she is a human being that thinks and feels. This was the main inspiration for her latest work: Las Maravillosas Flores de la Candela, a play made for the whole family, especially for little kids, where they can discover the struggles and legacies of extraordinary women like the Cacica Ana Soto, Azu and Zobeida La Muñequera.


Sometimes all we need is to find a passion and learn to live through it. Kelly now sees everything with different eyes; she appreciates beauty where some people don’t; she enjoys the mountains and rivers from Río Claro, and even finds music in the sounds of the everyday. In the end, to see the world through art, as Kelly does, helps us to be a little bit more human.


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